Billing Telephone Number/Account Telephone Number (BTN/ATN)

A Billing Telephone Number/Account Telephone Number (BTN/ATN), in general terms, is a designated telephone number on a customer’s account which some providers use to as a way to easily identify an account (think main or primary designation). Sometimes these terms are used interchangeably, and other times they are used as separate items, based on the service provider and their business practices.

How Bandwidth Uses the BTN/ATN

Generally speaking, the BTN is the main telephone number on a customer’s account as established in a service providers’ systems – either a service provider or the customer can decide which number on an account may be designated as the BTN. For example, in the event of an issue when porting in numbers from another service provider, Bandwidth will use that service provider’s designated BTN on an account to request a CSR (Customer Service Record) in order to resolve the porting issue.

What Are the Benefits of BTN/ATN

When Bandwidth submits a port request to a carrier, we provide the BTN/ATN that the customer has populated on the order. The carrier will take that BTN and search for their customer’s CSR to obtain all of the account details in an effort to approve the port request. If the BTN provided on the order does not allow the carrier to pull up the account records, they will reject it back to us indicating the BTN is incorrect.

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