Delivery Receipts (DLR) SMS

Author: Anagha Ravi

DLR SMS / Delivery Receipt is a feature of our system that acknowledges receipt of SMS/MMS messages in downstream systems and sometimes even receipt on a handset if the corresponding carrier(s) sends acknowledgment of receipt. Typically DLRs are shared via a series of designated codes assigned to indicate success or a range of causes for failure.

How is Bandwidth involved with DLRs

Delivery Receipts (DLR) add two new states to the messaging lifecycle – delivered and not delivered. When a message is sent, it is sent by the SMPP gateway to the SMSC with the delivery receipt value set. The SMSC will return the final disposition of the message as determined by the carrier.

The app platform will send a new event on delivery receipt based on the value of the new messages parameter, receiptRequested. The event will initially only be delivered on failure, but will eventually allow an event for every receipt on every message.

What are the benefits Bandwidth’s DLRs

Bandwidth’s DLR services allow a business to confirm that their message(s) have reached the intended end user. This feature is highly beneficial for businesses that rely on SMS/MMS outreach in order to get in contact with their customers. It can also provide troubleshooting if the message is not successfully delivered to the end user. Delivery Receipts give our customers confidence that their investment in SMS/MMS outreach is being used to its fullest potential to benefit their business.

Terms related to DLRs