Enhanced Voice Transit (Wholesale voice termination)

Author: Anagha Ravi

Cloud-based communications will inevitably become the foundation of business communications for all forward-looking companies. Lower costs and easy scalability are the top benefits. If you are a business with global expansion ambitions, it’s incredibly important not just to migrate your communications to the cloud, but also to ensure that your voice termination and voice origination workflows are scaling-ready. 

Unreliable CLI presentation, low call answer rates, and low-quality call routes can all get in the way of you connecting meaningfully with your customers and vendors. And this complexity increases when the calls go across national borders.

It’s always good to ask if your outbound calling (VoIP termination) is bringing you closer to your customers or driving them away, 

What is wholesale voice termination?

Voice termination (or in our case VoIP termination) refers to outbound calling i.e. delivering outgoing calls to the final recipient, whose number was dialed. 

Businesses generally engage a wholesale provider of VoIP services for their VoIP communications. These partners send VoIP traffic from their customers i.e these businesses to their end-users on a wholesale basis.

In this case, the process of routing calls through telephony providers from the time they originate all the way up to the recipient is wholesale VoIP termination. This recipient can be another VoIP user or be on the PSTN network. 

What is Enhanced Voice Transit?

Enhanced Voice Transit (EVT) is a Bandwidth solution that simplifies VoIP termination for wholesalers through the Bandwidth owned/operated global network. 

It allows you to send traffic to Bandwidth received from third-party numbers or numbers from another provider–with localized CLI presentation for transit over Bandwidth’s PSTN replacement network. Not only do the calls traverse over a radically reliable network, they use national routes for national traffic and present in the local number formats–increasing the odds of the recipient picking up the call.

EVT makes the process of VoIP termination with Bandwidth pain-free, while you wait to port the numbers over. And it allows you to trial the services when you terminate traffic using Bandwidth. You get Bandwidth’s full force of carrier capabilities even if you don’t use our numbers.

Why use enhanced voice transit for wholesale voice termination?

Enhanced Voice Transit untangles the process of using Bandwidth’s outbound calling for third-party/provider numbers, eliminating the efforts that were required previously to use them. It opens up the gateway to unique benefits of leveraging our wholesale VoIP termination:

  • Enhanced call quality because Bandwidth can terminate national calls through domestic carriers. We offer full PSTN replacement in 38+ countries. 
  • Enables localized CLI presentation for intra-country calls, even if they aren’t from Bandwidth numbers
  • Improved call answer rates by displaying domestic traffic without the country code
  • Reduced costs and improved call quality with the ability to send calls from numbers provided by other suppliers