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Jitter is any variance in the delivery of packets on a data network. In the context of VoIP, jitter describes the “breaking up” of communications or an audible delay during a phone call. If there is a lot of jitter in the transmission of the audio for a call, the audio could break up or become choppy. Jitter may occur when IP packets are not delivered cleanly across the network.


How is Bandwidth Associated with Jitter

Bandwidth is a communications software provider and offers VoIP as one of our services. Since Bandwidth as been a major player in the industry for over a decade, our team has worked hard over the years to create a high-quality, reliable network. Jitter is an issue that our team consistently works hard to make a thing of the past.


How Bandwidth Works to Prevent Jitter

The team at Bandwidth is constantly innovating our products to make sure our customers are able to provide high quality communication experiences to their end users. Since we own and operate our own network, we are able to focus on the root of the problem without going through a middleman. This means that our customers get direct support to address any issues they might have.

Bandwidth also has a world class team that is there to support our customers if any network issues are ever to arise. In addition, our product team is constantly working to improve our service offerings so end users can engage with one of the highest quality voice and messaging solutions every day, all the time.



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