Author: Anagha Ravi

Latency or network delay is the overall amount of time it takes for information to be transmitted from the source to the destination in a data network.

Latency can affect the interaction between the participants on the call. If there is high latency, the caller and callee may begin talking over one another or they may believe the other end has disconnected. The highest recommended delay for latency is 150ms, after which the call may be impacted.

How Bandwidth approaches latency

The team at Bandwidth is obsessed with call quality. That is why we work hard every day to improve our communications services. With over a decade in the telecom and communications software industry, Bandwidth is constantly innovating and improving our network to provide our customers with the highest quality services. The innovations that Bandwidth’s team creates aim to make quality issues like latency a thing of the past.

How Bandwidth works to prevent latency

Since Bandwidth owns and operates one of the largest All-IP Voice Networks in the nation, we are able to quickly and directly address any issues that might arise such as latency. When our customers submit a support ticket, Bandwidth’s team doesn’t have to reach out to a middleman, but is instead able to go to directly to the source. This means our customers can experience faster rebound times while directly collaborating with Bandwidth’s support team to improve our service offerings. At Bandwidth, we believe in constantly striving to improve our services to create the best possible communication experience for every end user. With industry-leading technology and a world-class team, our goal is to master communications software so you can focus on communicating what matters most to you.

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