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Master Street Address Guide (MSAG)

Author: Anagha Ravi

Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) is a database which houses all streets and addresses within their associated postal range for emergency service purposes. The MSAG Address Directory for any address-range belongs to a state or municipal authority. They are responsible for updating the MSAG Directory and making it available for use. For any specific questions, contact your particular state or municipal authority.

How is Bandwidth Involved with MSAG?

Bandwidth utilizes MSAG when it comes to our 911 access services. We start with your submitted civic/postal addresses, which we then geo-code to assign an X/Y coordinate for each record, providing confirmation upon successful validation. We then store the geo-coded address in the MSAG compliant format for the jurisdiction in question. Each telephone number’s address is then immediately available to respond to PSAP queries. Bandwidth subscribes to the most current geo-code databases available, in addition to working with all of the 911 authorities to obtain MSAG and GIS files. Our dedicated support team in turn ensures timely updates to the validation engine. With us, the entire process takes minutes instead of the days or potentially weeks from competing providers.