Mean Opinion Score (MOS)

Author: Anagha Ravi

Mean Opinion Score (MOS), in telecommunications, refers to the average measure or rankings of voice, audio, or video quality.

How Bandwidth is involved with MOS

Bandwidth is a communications software provider and offers VoIP as one of our services. Since Bandwidth has been a major player in the industry for over a decade, our team has worked hard over the years to create a high-quality, reliable network. Mean Opinion Score is something that our team monitors to ensure quality.

What are the benefits of MOS

The team at Bandwidth is constantly improving our products to make sure our customers are able to provide one of the highest quality communication experiences to their end user. Since we own and operate our own network, commit to 24/7 network monitoring, and provide world-class customer support, we’re able to proactively identify potential issues before they arise and work with customers directly to ensure quality.

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