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Finding your voice has never been so easy

Bandwidth can help you securely embed programmable voice calling directly into your application, network, or product.

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Bring your idea to life with voice APIs built for YOU

Whether it’s a feature in your application, or the main offering for an enterprise business, we’re focused on making voice services easy to add, reliable, and crystal-clear. Bandwidth Voice APIs are backed by a real, reliable network that we control completely—which means you get access to great quality and included support, at a price only a network operator can provide.

Start building immediately with our programmable Voice API, or connect directly to our secure IP voice network via SIP. Whatever the right communications solution may be for your business, we’re here to help you deliver business-grade voice.

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The ultimate guide to CPaaS

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Our Recipe for Success—Easy to Add. Reliable. Crystal Clear.

Our extensive nationwide voice coverage means more directly connected calls, tighter security, and cost savings that we can pass along to you.

See what we’re doing (and what you can do!) to help fight quality issues like latency, packet loss, and jitter.

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Nationwide network coverage

Our extensive on-net footprint brings you quickly connected calls at a higher quality with maximum cost control.

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Purpose-built network for real-time communications

Our network is architected with the latest technology and is custom-made for voice.

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52 million US phone numbers at your fingertips

That means virtually unlimited expansion potential for your business.

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Instant activation via API or web tools

Automated phone number ordering, activation, and porting (yes, even bulk porting!) make it all a breeze.

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Way more than just forum-based support

We give our customers in-house technical support, subject matter expertise (in porting, 911, and billing!), and jack-of-all-trades customer advocates.

You choose how to connect—voice API, our network, your SIP Trunk

Quality connections that work for any business need.

Voice API

Our Voice API

Adding business-grade quality calling to your application couldn't be easier, or more scalable.

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Our Carrier Network

The ultimate in scalability and quality, our proven network is built around an entire software platform that makes managing your investment simple.

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Your SIP Trunk

Equip your businesses across the country or down the hall with crystal-clear voice.

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Features that bring voice to life

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Local and Toll-free Numbers

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Best-In-Class Voice Quality

Purple 911 access icon

Easier 911 Access

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Optimized Call Routes

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Call Anyone, Anywhere

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Wireless Carrier Interconnects

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Automated Call Control

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Detailed Call Records

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Recording and Transcription Services

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Playable Media Files

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Text to Speech Services

What can you build with Bandwidth Voice?


A brand new way to collaborate on the go

Collaboration is a way of life, and for mobile and remote workers it's crucial to be able to reach their teams no matter where they're located. Bandwidth customers like UberConference incorporate the PSTN via Bandwidth Voice to guarantee their users can be reached anywhere, with or without their application installed.

A transformed call center with an experience that solves customer problems faster

Give your support agents the power of context. Call center providers use Bandwidth's Programmable Voice API and trackable toll-free numbers to give support agents insight on customer problems faster. Imagine a customer's delight when your agents are already prepared with next steps the second they pick up the phone.


A business-ready device that does double-duty as a personal smartphone

Business voice platform Truly transforms any smartphone with a cellular connection into an enterprise-ready business communications device. Truly uses Bandwidth's Voice API to deliver top-quality voice connections and flexible options for answering with minimal telephone infrastructure. Reps can receive calls anywhere they'd like—on their smartphones, on their desk phones—and track it all in Salesforce.

Featured products—all packed & ready to go

Conference Calling

Bandwidth Conference Access Numbers answer the call for both quality and price control at scale.

In today’s businesses, collaboration is a way of life. Workers are on the phone day in and day out having crucial business conversations—they can’t wait around for their conference line to keep up. At Bandwidth, we’re dedicated to quality and are committed to helping you grow with hand-in-hand support and pricing that won’t hold you back.

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Seat-based voice

A business-ready bundle that gets you going quickly

Bandwidth Seat-Based Voice for Unified Communications providers makes it a breeze to bundle, purchase, provision, and bill for local and long distance services. Each Bandwidth Seat contains a telephone number, location-based 911 routing, incoming CNAM, along with a bundle of minutes and a bundle of SMS/MMS messages—all totally customizable based on your customer’s needs.

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