Session Border Controller (SBC)

Session Border Controller (SBC), also known as an edge device, is the piece of equipment that sits in between Bandwidth and our customers. It manages call set up, tear down, and other call handlings.

How Bandwidth is Involved with SBC

Bandwidth delivers calls to our customers from the IP address of the SBC, and customers send outbound calls to the IP address of the SBC as well. It should be the only thing our customers interface with, and all of the complex network ‘hides’ behind it. The SBC can also be useful in ‘cleaning’ traffic for our customers. For example – most carriers deliver calls in the format of “+”, “1”, and then the number (+19194393536). The SBC can, even for just one specific customer, strip off the +1 and deliver a 10 digit number if our customer cannot receive that type.

What Are the Benefits of Bandwidth’s SBC

Bandwidth hosts several geo-redundant SBC pairs to connect our services to our customers.

Where We Talk About SBC

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