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Messaging API

Messaging API

Text messages get engagement like no other communication channel today. Inject the power of text messaging in your app in just minutes with the Bandwidth Messaging API.

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The Bandwidth Messaging API

An API for every messaging use case you can dream up.



Embed programmable messaging directly into your applications or software with SMS APIs built with the enterprise in mind.

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Toll-Free SMS

Get more out of your toll-free numbers with high-volume messaging that gives you the most delivery insight available.

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Group Messaging API

Enable amazing user experiences with the first and only group messaging API—no additional plug-ins necessary.



Send images, videos, audio, emojis, and GIFS with a powerful, flexible API that won’t limit your users.

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Local A2P Messaging

Give your local number the power to reach millions—reliably—over new 10DLC carrier routes.

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Short Codes

Send high-volume messages like alerts, notifications, and verifications directly to your customers.

Delivery expertise at your beck and call

Did you know you pay for every message you attempt to send, not just the ones that are delivered? When your messages are mission-critical, the support and expertise you receive should be too. Because we’re a carrier ourselves, we work directly with our customers and the wireless carriers to find the root cause of delivery problems. Get ahead of the game as delivery-impacting changes occur.

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Delivery Receipts

Real-time delivery receipts and intel

Get improved insights and a better understanding of your messaging ROI with delivery receipts and error codes. With delivery receipts you’ll understand which of your messages were delivered, while error codes will help you to understand why the ones that weren’t didn’t make it there, allowing you to improve your messaging strategy and get better delivery rates.

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No-limit numbers

Whether you need to send 1,000 messages a day or one million, our APIs are scalable and ready for the highest volumes you can bring. Our industry-leading platform allows you to use any number you need—short codes, local numbers, or toll-free can all be tailored to fit your unique use case, and your unique business.

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it's also evolving as more carriers adopt their own rules.

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Who’s innovating with Bandwidth Messaging?

Software leaders, Fortune 1,000 enterprises, and even the largest
messaging aggregators trust Bandwidth to deliver their texts.

Software and products

Software & Products

Integrate SMS, MMS, and Toll-Free SMS directly into your application or software, giving your product the power of messaging.
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Enterprise Telephony

Enterprise Telephony

Save time and handle your contact center calls via a quick text. Leverage your current toll-free or business line via our SMS API to engage with customers where and how they want.
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UC Service Providers

UC Service Providers

Easily text-enable your numbers for business SMS/MMS to provide a complete, unified communications experience for your customers from a single, innovative carrier.
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A Messaging API for your biggest ideas

Our customers are constantly coming up with new, innovative ways to use SMS.

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The future of communications starts here. We want to help you pave the way.

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