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Scalable, flexible messaging for big-time innovators

If you can text it on your phone, you can integrate it into your product using Bandwidth’s Messaging APIs. Your users can send and receive pictures, videos, audio, group texts and more—all it takes is a few lines of code. And since we also own and operate our underlying network, the advantages keep on coming, like deliverability insight, more in-depth support, and some serious cost savings.

We’re excited about the innovation possibilities that texting brings. Here’s a few reasons why you should be too.

5 good reasons your software platform can’t ignore text messaging

Message deliverability video

Message deliverability

Text messaging has big-time value as a channel for customer communications. Learn the best practices for ensuring your messages are delivered and engaged with.

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You choose how you build your texting functionality

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SMS Messaging API

Add powerful SMS, MMS, toll-free and group messaging functionality to your app in just a few minutes with Bandwidth’s Messaging API.

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SMS Messaging Gateway

Text-enable your phone numbers and maintain total control over your own SMPP (SMS) and MM4 (MMS) servers.

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SMS Messaging API features

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Add emojis, pictures, audio and more

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Long message support

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Dependable delivery

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Global reach

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Pin codes and notifications

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Bi-directional Unicode

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Redundant Network

What can you build with Bandwidth's Messaging APIs?


A platform that tracks every customer interaction

BoomTown, a CRM platform for the real estate industry, has agents that spend a lot of time communicating with customers via SMS text message—but those messages weren’t being automatically captured within their platform. BoomTown turned to Bandwidth to create a seamless user experience and capture more data for both reporting and predictive analysis.

An easier way to users to complete common tasks

With a simple SMS API integration, you can extend functionality to your users and have them complete common tasks via a quick text. No need to login, open a special app, or even spend time on the phone. Bandwidth customers have seen improved response rates, better customer interaction, and increased customer satisfaction after implementing SMS and texting API integrations into their applications.


A strong way to protect user privacy—and retention rates

Pet-sitting application Rover wanted a better way to connect pet-sitters and pet-owners, so that their users wouldn’t need to give away their personal phone numbers, and perhaps even more importantly—so that pet-owners would keep coming back to the application to connect with their pet-sitters. Bandwidth provides automatically generated private phone numbers directly from the Rover app, so that pet-owners have a specialized Rover-only number, and pet-sitters can get the latest on Fido when they’re on the go.

SMS texting products built for your business needs

Enterprise A2P Messaging

Massive scalability and A SUPERIOR customer experience

When you’re looking to deliver thousands of messages at scale, Bandwidth’s Enterprise A2P Messaging offers reliable deliverability and a flexible, intuitive customer experience. Built on enterprise-grade toll-free SMS, Bandwidth’s A2P Messaging offers similar send rates to short codes with better customer experience features for two-way messaging and voice support.

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Hosted Messaging

Add messaging to your phone numbers—even if they’re not in the Bandwidth database

Hosted Messaging allows customers to use Bandwidth Messaging with non-Bandwidth phone numbers (including landlines!) for an easy one-stop number management experience. SMS-enable your phone numbers with messaging from a leading provider—with the business-grade features your users expect like group messaging, global reach, long message support, and full MMS capabilities.

Group Messaging

Enable amazing user experiences with the first and only group messaging API

Group messaging is already a huge part of the way we communicate today. Bandwidth’s Group Messaging API (built on Bandwidth’s own nationwide network) is ready to help turn your product or feature into reality—no additional plug-ins necessary.

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Two-Factor Authentication

Secure Messaging Made Simple

Two-factor authentication is a way to add an additional layer of security, usually through a one-time PIN code sent over SMS to a users device. Bandwidth’s Text Messaging API gives you all the building blocks you need to quickly and easily build your own two-factor authentication solution, and the flexibility to build to suit your exact needs.

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