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A more powerful alternative to short codes (...finally!)

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Whether you’re a business or an individual, we all hate having to wait for things. With Bandwidth’s A2P Messaging, waiting is a thing of the past. While short codes can take weeks (or even months) to get set up, Bandwidth’s toll-free messaging gets rid of all the red tape and allows you to provision numbers within seconds, so you can get started immediately.

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Use the numbers you already have, without porting them over

You’re already using toll-free numbers to communicate with your customers, but with A2P Messaging from Bandwidth you can easily add SMS functionality to your existing toll-free numbers (even ones that you don’t have with us) to send messages to your customers from the same number they already know to call you on, eliminating confusion and saving you time and money provisioning new numbers specifically for messaging.


Toll-free SMS gives you the throughput you need to send and deliver messages on-time-- without all the extra carrier surcharges that short codes include. Not familiar with the pricing breakdown? We can help clear things up. Use our calculator to see how the additional carrier short code delivery fees can add up to serious savings when you choose toll-free.

It’s called toll-free for a reason…

Use our calculator to estimate your monthly savings by switching from short codes to toll-free SMS.

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Supporting you every step of the way

We know you don’t want to need our help, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t here for you anyway. Bandwidth’s 24x7 on-site network operations team is here to ensure that you never have to handle an issue alone - whether it’s ensuring you can interface with us (we support API and SMPP interfaces) or finding out why your messages aren’t being delivered, Bandwidth is committed to supporting your business and messaging needs.

What can you do with Bandwidth A2P Messaging?

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My power is out on 425 Adams Street. When do you expect it to be back?


Crews are in your area now. We anticipate that power will be restored by 5pm EST this evening

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What 2017 SUVs do you have available?


We have several on the lot - I’ll send you a few photos

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You have an appointment with Dr. Miller on Tuesday, June 16 at 10am. Reply “Yes” to confirm. Can’t make it? Reply “No” and our office will follow up with you directly.

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Your Skyway Airlines Flight #4356, scheduled for Thursday, August 6 at 2pm is DELAYED until 2:35pm.

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