Bandwidth Group Messaging API

It’s time to rethink “reply all”

Group messaging is already a huge part of the way we communicate today. Think about it, you probably have a group chat going with your family, another with your college buddies… why not one with your coworkers, clients, or even your smart home devices?

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Enable amazing user experiences with the first and only group messaging API

Bandwidth’s Group Messaging API (built on Bandwidth’s own nationwide network) is ready to help turn your product or feature into reality—no additional plug-ins necessary.

Your conference call doesn’t have to end after everyone hangs up. Follow up easily with a context and media-rich group message.

“Reply all” doesn’t have to be a functionality that only lives in email. Keep everyone in the loop even if they’re on the go.

Open your OTT ecosystem up— let your users start group chats with anyone, even if they don’t have your app installed.

Say hello to next generation messaging by easily incorporating SMS bots in personal communications for accessible information on the go.

Group Messaging API webinar hosted by Dan Tolbert

Want to see it in action?

The first and only true group texting API in the market enables amazing user experiences with just a few lines of code.

Check out this on-demand webinar to see how some of the most popular group messaging use cases are built.

The webinar features Bandwidth’s head of Developer Experience, Dan Tolbert walking us through the first steps of building out your group messaging application. Include chatbots in your strategy to take AI for a quick spin in an easy way!


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A group text is supposed to be just that—a group text.

Not separate text threads that your users have to piece together themselves. Bandwidth’s Group Messaging API can handle group messaging the way your users want to experience it: in one, seamless thread.

Now, along with features like two-way MMS, advanced phone number management, and full geographic redundancy, Bandwidth provides the most complete and comprehensive SMS solution available in the API market today.

API powered group message example

Bandwidth Messaging API Features

Phones icon

SMS, MMS, & Group Messaging for wireless or landline phone numbers

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Quickly activate messaging-ready phone numbers—fast & easy

Short codes icon

Supports short codes, emojis, international messages and more

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Add Bandwidth message to non-Bandwidth phone numbers

24x7 Support icon

24×7 On-site network support team

globe icon

Full geographic redundancy for all network elements

gears icon

Supports both SIP & SMPP

radio tower icon

Interconnection to just about any mobile network

Get Started Today: Check out our extensive developer docs.

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