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Work with a Trusted Partner for E911 and Direct Routing

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Bandwidth is the only Direct Routing provider that offers both SIP and E911

Today, Microsoft customers get the power of the Bandwidth’s cloud-native carrier network through Microsoft Calling Plans. But if you’ve chosen Direct Routing for better control and scale over your voice solution, then you need to figure out E911. For that, think Bandwidth.

Solve for E911

Today, the lack of 911 support inside Microsoft Teams Direct Routing can stall the best laid migration plans. Bandwidth is working with Microsoft and the leading Session Border Controller (SBC) providers to address the gap in E911 for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. As a trusted Direct Routing partner and a 911 network operator, we’re uniquely positioned to help you solve for 911 and voice calling.

If you have questions or concerns about 911 or your regulatory obligations, we’d love to help.

Get Better Direct Routing

Build a more customizable solution by decoupling your telephony and bringing Bandwidth to your organization directly. As a cloud-native carrier built for the enterprise, Bandwidth gives you all the building blocks you need to build your perfect communications solution: voice, E911, and robust phone number management capabilities. We own and operate one of the nation’s largest all-IP voice networks, and are trusted by Microsoft as a Direct Routing provider.

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The benefits of using Bandwidth with Microsoft Teams

When you partner with Bandwidth through Direct Routing, you can: 

  • Connect to the Public Switch Telecom Network (PSTN)
  • Access preferred pricing
  • Implement more scalable SIP trunking
  • Directly control disaster recovery & IP failover
  • Trigger ports, order, instantly provision, & manage numbers in real time
  • Easily access calling & billing detail records
  • Support 911 call routing with dynamic location for nomadic users
  • Provide 911 call notifications to key personnel 

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