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When it comes to powering the voice calling behind Microsoft Teams, you have the power of choice—and Bandwidth is the best one.

Today, Bandwidth powers Microsoft Calling Plans, but now you can take the next step toward a more customizable and efficient solution by using Direct Routing to decouple your telephony and bring us to your organization directly.

As a cloud-native carrier built for the enterprise, Bandwidth gives you all the building blocks you need to build your perfect communications solution: voice, 911 access, and robust phone number management capabilities. We own and operate one of the nation’s largest all-IP voice networks, and are trusted by Microsoft as a Direct Routing provider.

When you partner with Bandwidth through Direct Routing, you can:

  • Connect to the Public Switch Telecom Network (PSTN)
  • Access preferred pricing
  • Implement more scalable SIP trunking
  • Directly control disaster recovery & IP failover
  • Trigger ports, order, instantly provision, & manage numbers in real time
  • Easily access calling & billing detail records
  • Integrate voice, 911 access, and messaging via APIs


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Here’s a quick snapshot of what you can do when you partner with Bandwidth

Voice Icon


Quickly and easily embed voice calling directly into your application, network, or product, all backed by our nationwide, all-IP network.

Messaging icon


Communicate with customers the way they prefer—through texting! Send text, pictures, videos, group texts, and more, all with a few lines of code.

911 icon

911 Access

In an emergency, every second counts. Our 911 Access connects you to the closest emergency call center using the most advanced routing technologies.

Phone Numbers Icon

Phone Numbers

We’ve streamlined the process of ordering, porting, and managing your phone numbers, and if you need help, we have experts on call to help.

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