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When it comes to powering the telephony behind Skype for Business, Microsoft has given its customers the invaluable power of choice. Bandwidth owns and operates one of the nation’s largest VoIP networks, and is Certified for Skype for Business SIP trunking services. Whether you’re a large enterprise looking for a carrier to provide the SIP services you need to connect your Skype for Business Server deployment to the PSTN, or you’re a reseller looking for a quality-first SIP trunking provider to partner with, Bandwidth has your solution.


The value of Skype for Business SIP Integration

The rest of your IT stack is in the cloud, so it’s no surprise that moving legacy telecom infrastructures into the cloud is a major initiative for many enterprises. For those Microsoft shops out there, integrating SIP into your Skype for Business is a big step in that migration process.

Skype for Business SIP Integration helps businesses increase the flexibility and scalability of their telecom, lower overall telephony costs, and better support softphones and more distributed workforces with cloud-based telecommunications. Simply put, SIP for Skype allows customers to get the most out of Skype for Business through a customizable SIP voice solution.

Plus, Skype for Business 911 Solutions

As an enterprise, you’re responsible for the safety of your people—people on different floors, buildings and campuses that move around all day. At Bandwidth, we understand the logistical and regulatory challenges that enterprises face, and we’re expert in solving them, so you don’t have to be. As a partner in 911 access for Skype for Business, we offer:

  • Interoperability with standard VoIP 911 and DLR
  • Real-time notifications and alerts
  • Unlimited 933 test calls
  • 24/7 network operations support that is always included
  • A dedicated implementation manager
  • One of the nation’s largest all-IP voice networks
  • Microsoft certification for Skype for Business SIP trunking services

If you haven’t solved for 911 yet, let’s talk. Schedule a consultation today.

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Here’s a quick snapshot of what you can do when you partner with Bandwidth

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Quickly and easily embed voice calling directly into your application, network, or product, all backed by our nationwide, all-IP network.

Messaging icon


Communicate with customers the way they prefer—through texting! Send text, pictures, videos, group texts, and more, all with a few lines of code.

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911 Access

In an emergency, every second counts. Our 911 Access connects you to the closest emergency call center using the most advanced routing technologies.

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Phone Numbers

We’ve streamlined the process of ordering, porting, and managing your phone numbers, and if you need help, we have experts on call to help.

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Our nation-wide, carrier-grade, all IP voice network ensures quality. Our Skype for Business SIP certification ensures validation, and our included white glove customer service will ensure you are well taken care of. Have questions? Let’s chat. We’re here to help unify communications and enable SIP for Skype for you and/or your customers!

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