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Bandwidth webinar

STIR/SHAKEN Industry Expert Panel Q&A


Do you know whether or not your calls are at risk of being blocked? Robocalling has become the number one consumer complaint to the FCC, but it’s important to note that not all robocalls and unknown calls from businesses are malicious! STIR/SHAKEN is a set of telecom standards implemented by the FCC as an answer to help stop spam calls. Attend our live virtual panel discussion to learn more about what STIR/SHAKEN means for you as a consumer and a business leader. Our experts can fill you in on STIR/SHAKEN as a whole and how to prevent fraud and mitigation, while addressing the use cases that matter.

What you’ll learn

  • What STIR/SHAKEN is and how it’s being adopted and deployed
  • Differences between good actors and bad actors in the robocalling space with real world examples and use cases
  • Best practices for your business to reduce the risk of blocked calls
  • What else is coming down the road

Tom Soroka

Director, Fraud Mitigation

Since joining Bandwidth 3 years ago, Tom has created and currently leads the Bandwidth Fraud Mitigation Team. Under Tom’s stewardship, this team is now responsible for preventing, detecting and mitigating several types of fraudulent traffic on Bandwidth’s networks, including unlawful robocalls, IRS and social security scams, text messaging SPAM and International Revenue Share Fraud.

David Preo

Product Manager III

David is a Product Manager for Voice Solutions at Bandwidth with responsibility for STIR/SHAKEN deployments as well as the Voice API Platform. He has over 3 decades of experience in the telecom industry, in roles ranging from Software Development, Systems Engineering and Product Management for leading providers of network equipment, and test and measurement solutions before joining Bandwidth in 2017.

David Simmons

Sales Support Engineer II

During his tenure at Bandwidth, David has been the sales team’s go-to resource for Voice Networking and Product Support. While a salesman by trade, David’s true passion is technology and how it can be used to better the customer experience. He’s been around the telecom block, starting his career at Intermedia/WorldCom in 2000, migrating to AT&T, Level 3, and now Bandwidth.

Caitlin Long

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Voice

In her time at Bandwidth, Caitlin has been in charge of go-to-market strategy, including messaging and positioning, for all Voice products. A storyteller by trade, she has worked in Product Marketing for five years and specializes in translating technical product information so the customer doesn’t have to.