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Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)

BYOC programs let you choose the carrier you want to plug into your contact center, conferencing, or unified communications platform. So when you BYOC, you pick the best carrier for your business. Now you can bring Bandwidth as your cloud-native carrier to Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Genesys, Broadsoft, and more.

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Bandwidth BYOC

The features & benefits of BYOC

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Scale easily (and get preferred pricing)

Paying for usage, rather than max capacity, is one of the big reasons why SIP trunking is a more scalable and cost effective telephony solution. When you BYOC with Bandwidth to power the telephony behind your UCaaS, CCaaS, and conferencing platforms, you get that SIP trunking from a SIP-native provider. And, by coming direct to our all-IP voice network, you get access to preferred pricing, so both your fancy new software platform AND the power behind it become even more cost effective.

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Future-proof your communication

Give your cloud-heavy future a cloud-native carrier. Bandwidth is already the power behind most industry leading UCaas, CCaaS, and Conferencing platforms. If you’re moving to the cloud, chances are, you’re going to a Bandwidth TN. When you’re our customer, moving between cloud platforms is a piece of cake, because there’s no actual porting involved, just activative your numbers, and realize instant roll-back if needed.

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Get unmatched control

Coming direct to carrier gives you more control over your telephony. Enterprise SIP Trunking and resilient Toll-Free Voice reliably power your UC, contact center, or conferencing platforms, and Bandwidth’s dashboard and suite of supporting APIs let you automate just about anything. You can port with ease, spin up workstations quickly, and control failover in real time. The best part? If moving all your telecom off-prem isn’t practical just yet, you can still leverage BYOC in a hybrid environment, maintaining some on-prem PBXs for peace of mind and redundancy

Our BYOC solutions

Check out our Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) solutions below to see how we could be your carrier of choice!

We power the Microsoft Calling Plans, but by choosing Bandwidth as your Direct Routing provider, you get additional migration control and E911 solutions, in addition to telephony you can depend on.

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When you choose to bring us as your carrier of choice into RingCentral’s MVP Platform, you’ll be able to achieve a truly global solution for your cloud communications migration powering all your SIP, E911, and messaging needs.

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Bring Bandwidth directly to your Genesys Cloud CX platform using Duet® for Genesys, where you can achieve consolidated global coverage, software-driven migrations, integration flexibility, and cost savings at scale.

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Power your Zoom Phone telephony with Bandwidth’s Tier 1 network for total migration control, direct-to-carrier support, and access to over 90% of the global economy.

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Pindrop Integration

Help authenticate callers, mitigate voice fraud, boost agent efficiency, and win with CX when you BYOC with Bandwidth and integrate Pindrop into your contact center on the carrier level.

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Why Bandwidth

Because our Tier-1, nation-wide, network was built for this type of service. Our unique position as a network carrier and an API platform provider means we provide a level of efficiency and service that you can’t find anywhere else. Plus our dedicated support staff is here to ensure you’re taken care of and that BYOC is the right option for your enterprise.

How can your industry be transformed with Bandwidth?

Finance and banking

Finance & Banking

Unmatched reliability and disruption-free operations for cloud migrations, mergers and acquisitions.



Simplify telephony across campuses with SIP + 911, and save money by coming direct-to-carrier.



All the building blocks you need for holistic, system-wide communication: voice, phone numbers, text messaging, and 911.

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