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SMS to email

Integrate text messaging into a business email inbox so end-users and agents can communicate seamlessly, each in their go-to channels. Hello, customer experience.

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The features & benefits of SMS to email

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Improve customer experience

Integrating SMS and email engages end-users in a way that gets their attention and enables agents to respond quickly and easily—straight from their inboxes. It increases speed, decreases friction, and drives customer engagement. It’s a win-win-win.

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Share attachments with ease

End-users can send photos, videos, or audio directly to your app or agents for real-time information sharing. Agents can also reply with rich media resources as well for truly helpful customer interactions.

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Easily translate long messages to SMS

When you bridge SMS to email with Bandwidth, agents aren’t bound by SMS character limits. Our APIs automatically piece your texts together so agents can respond to customers with as much detail as necessary, and nothing gets lost in translation.

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Fast spin-up with minimal investment

SMS is already built into your customers’ phones and lives—even people without smartphones or an affinity for apps can text. Bridging SMS to email is an easy way to get to market and validate that your customers want to engage via SMS. It’s a big opportunity with minimal investment.

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Why Bandwidth

Bandwidth is different because we own the APIs and the network. Because we own them, we can provide transparency and service that other providers simply can’t. Bandwidth provides status and error codes that show if your messages were delivered, where they were blocked, and why, giving you deeper insight for a better ROI.

Our SMS and MMS messaging experts have decades of industry experience and have helped define the past, present, and future of text messaging. That industry experience comes with deep connections to the carriers, allowing us to work directly with them to resolve issues.

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Ready to amp up engagement? We’ve got the building
blocks to get you started.

Show me how

body = MessageRequest()
body.application_id = "93de2206-9669-4e07-948d-329f4b722ee2" = ["+12345678902"]
body.mfrom = "+18881231234"
body.text = "Thank you for the email!"
result = messaging_client.create_message(MESSAGING_ACCOUNT_ID, body)

Example sending an SMS message.

How can your industry be transformed with Bandwidth?

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Software & Products

Share product details, trouble-shooting support and user feedback surveys with end-users in real time–right to their phones. Learn more

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Receive customer questions and support inquiries directly in end-user inboxes, and text back responses, business hours, directions and more, all without leaving an email.

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Banking & Finance

Provide account set up and recovery, field research requests, and provide customer support to account-holders through text, so end-users can manage their finances on the go.

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Allow doctors, nurses, and staff to respond to on-call questions, follow-up care inquiries, and appointment and prescription management through their email–and deliver it straight to patient text inboxes.

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Learn more about how you can use our SMS API together with an email API of your choice to create powerful product experiences. Talk to an expert today.

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