Bandwidth wins Resiliency Award at LogicMonitor’s Fearless Innovator Awards!

A monitor showing an award and the announcement that Bandwidth won the Resiliency Award at LogicMonitor awards 2022

We’re proud to win the Resiliency Award at LogicMonitor’s Fearless Innovator Awards 2022!

A year ago, Bandwidth had grown to a point where we needed more insights from our network monitoring tools to assist our customers in scaling.

Our users were building mission-critical communications on our platform and demanding greater assurance that their communications would be protected. We turned to LogicMonitor–which specializes in what’s called network observability. Observability gives you a window into what’s going on within the complex systems, processes, and microservices of an entire tech stack and/or application, purely from the existing data streams collected. 

With the combined tenure of LogicMonitor’s tooling and Bandwidth’s ongoing investments in observability, we now spend nearly 50% more time developing new network insights, with greatly reduced interruptions and more control over the holistic performance of our systems.

And of course, we’re always monitoring our network 24/7 to test for connectivity and to proactively resolve any quality issues even before our customers’ end-users hear them. 

Bandwidth has always received top marks for our network uptime and we’re proud to add this award to our shelf. Congratulations to everyone on the Bandwidth team that contributed to winning LogicMonitor’s Fearless Innovator Resiliency Award!

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