Making a communications provider switch is faster than you think

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Already using APIs from another provider? It’s easier than you think to make the switch to Bandwidth for your voice and messaging needs. We’ve got the documentation, SDKs, and dedicated service and support to make the process as painless as possible. These companies highlighted below chose Bandwidth over other CPaaS providers and are enjoying higher quality, lower costs, and better support.

Read on to see how they’re experiencing the Bandwidth difference.


Development time: Days

ProviderTech helps healthcare and insurance companies communicate with their customers through the use of automated, personalized one- and two-way messages.  The company’s product is entirely based on APIs. ProviderTech tried several API platforms, but none of them could meet its need for both flexibility and security. By using Bandwidth’s platform, the company’s developers were able to send SMS messages with very little programming and were able to integrate with legacy systems in just a few days. Because Bandwidth owns its own nationwide network, messages could remain secure in transit, and Bandwidth was able to guarantee that ProviderTech’s specific encryption needs were met to satisfaction.


Development time: Two Weeks

MyNeighbor connects people who live locally, providing an easy way for neighbors to lend and borrow items and services through its convenient app. The startup had its eyes on fast growth but needed to limit its financial risk during early trials. MyNeighbor also needed a communications partner that could help it get from prototype to development in a matter of weeks. Their goal was to be able to handle a single conversation seamlessly across emails, SMS, and their website. Bandwidth got them there in just two weeks– a single development cycle to integrate SMS across their entire application.  In fact, the implementation was so simple the MyNeighbor team was able to complete almost the entire project on their own, just by using the documentation the Bandwidth team provided them.

Development time: a few weeks

CAKE restaurant software provides a comprehensive point-of-sale and front-of-house solution for restaurants, allowing any size restaurant to better connect with guests and manage internal operations. Cake enables direct-to-customer text messaging to optimize service experiences like curbside pickup, waitlist notifications, and reservations. Cake was looking for a provider that could optimize deliverability and serve as a partner as much as a third-party service. They were able to deploy with Bandwidth in a matter of weeks and get up and running quickly and seamlessly.


Development time: Less than a month

When Patronus (formerly BlueLight) wanted to enable voice calling for its safety service app, it needed two things: a large inventory of local phone numbers that could be accessed whenever a user wanted to make a call, and an easy-to-use API platform.  The app can route calls to first responders, along with the caller’s exact location. Users can also use Patronus to let their friends know they’re on their way and where they are in their journeys. The Patronus app was a year into development when the company contacted Bandwidth to help it complete their next product iteration. Bandwidth jumped in, working hand-in-hand with Patronus to solve problems as they emerged. When a problem emerged in the testing phase, Bandwidth was on the phone for 36 hours with Patronus, tracking down the source of the problem and correcting it. That’s the kind of collaboration that Patronus wanted, and that’s the level of commitment that Bandwidth has to its customers’ success.