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The Benefits of SMS for HRIS


December 4, 2018


April 6, 2023

A job candidate receives an interview reminder from their recruiter via SMS

Human resources has come a long way — most of our records are digital now, and modern Human Resource Information System (HRIS) have helped to automate what used to take an HR specialist hours (or worse, days) to accomplish, leaving them more time to spend with actual humans.

That does not, however, mean there aren’t still more ways for HRIS to improve and better connect a company and employees (both current and prospective). Integrating SMS into your HRIS provides benefits for both employees and employers. So let’s look how it does that, and why you should be integrating SMS.

Prospective Employees

When you’re on the job hunt, getting updates on new opportunities quickly can be the difference between getting in for that early interview and impressing everyone, or being the 17th person that’s interviewed and getting an interviewer that’s already made up their mind.

Companies like ZipRecruiter have integrated SMS into their HRIS, allowing prospective employees to get SMS notifications of job postings that match their criteria. This is ideal for two reasons:

  1. There’s no app to download with another notification that may be ignored.
  2. We open SMS quickly; more than 90% of texts are opened with 3 minutes, and that number creeps closer to 100% as time goes on.

This also saves job seekers from having to constantly monitor their emails or the job boards for new listings, they simply have to input themselves once, and the leads come to them, allowing them to focus on other searches or their current jobs.


For businesses, having SMS implemented into their HRIS is about communicating with both prospective employees and the people that already work for them. Integrating SMS into an HRIS allows for a business to send reminders to employees (Steve is on PTO, don’t email him!), alerts about weather (snow day!), or scheduling a time to talk about open enrollment (check your calendar, Karen).

Given how many emails we get at work, and a lack of access to an inbox outside work hours that some employees have, SMS integration allows businesses to use their HRIS to send vital communications to their employees on a channel that won’t be ignored, no matter where they are.

Integrate SMS into your HRIS

These are just a few use cases for SMS integration in an HRIS; we didn’t even talk about toll-free SMS or high-volume messaging using A2P messaging. Want to learn what use case matches your HRIS? Give one of our SMS experts a shout to see how you can be providing a new and better experience to businesses.

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