Why now? The opportunity to accelerate CX digital transformation

A phone with various customer experience icons indicating CX digital transformation

This blog is a recap from Metrigy & Bandwidth’s Genesys Xperience 2023 session, Now is the time! Opportunity for MSPs and GSIs to accelerate cloud digital transformation of enterprises. 

Today’s business is moving a million miles an hour. Increasing margins, juggling internal transformations, and delivering the best customer experience are moving targets—and can often feel like there’s no end in sight. 

And for most enterprises, the cloud is at the center of every initiative. But getting to the cloud is complicated, and making the business case for the investment can be just as tricky. Let’s explore the four truths in the digital transformation to the cloud, and how partners can help.

The four truths of CX transformation

Why is cloud transformation a must-have now, and how can Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Global System Integrators (GSIs) support enterprises? 

1. Customer satisfaction (CSAT)

Improving customer experience (CX) is the top business priority for enterprise customers. In a Metrigy study of customer experience transformation, 23.7% of leaders say improving CSAT is their business’ top priority, and 22.8% claim it as their second priority.

CX leaders are exploring how to improve customer engagement and experiences by adding innovative technologies to their stack like collaborative tools, AI, success analytics, and other digital channels.

New channels and tools empower proactive outreach, collaboration, unique experiences, and faster issue resolution. This CX improvement drives value, revenue, better CSAT, and lowers churn—all while boosting loyalty. 

2. Cloud momentum varies

Cloud momentum is accelerating, but the transition is uneven (and often hybrid). Adopting cloud in a strategic way allows enterprises to migrate at their own pace, and many want support from GSIs and MSPs.

There’s a wide range of contact center architectures. Metrigy’s research found that 24.5% of enterprises are fully in cloud, 19.2% are in a hybrid model, and 18.5% are fully on-premise.2 Some enterprises in healthcare, finance, or insurance need to keep some components on-premise for security and privacy management. 

What’s driving cloud migration? 

It’s not a one-size-fits-all. Metrigy’s analysis shows 21.7% need more staff to maintain on-premise equipment, and 16.2% of leaders anticipate cost savings. While migration costs are initially high due to replacing equipment, endpoints, and training, there’s long-term cost savings. 

Others want to scale up for seasonal changes, like Christmas, Black Friday, or other holidays, based on agent demand. With a hybrid workforce,  cloud providers with direct connectivity can offer better quality voice. Finally 12.4% of leaders want to expand globally to support customer growth. 

3. Partnership opportunity

Enterprises want a trusted advisor to let them take advantage of new and emerging CX services. Throughout their cloud journey, enterprises must meet the demand of their customers, while minimizing cost and disruption. Metrigy found that 36.5% of respondents saw an increase in call volume due to a growth in external call volume and user preference switching back to voice from video. When consumers need help, 68% prefer interactions via phones. 

GSIs and MSPs can help simplify telecom, so enterprises can separate telecom from software and move at their own pace. They can also deliver advanced services like management, analytics, and AI-based services to add value throughout every touchpoint .  

4. Optimization

Enterprises are struggling to manage a hybrid communications world, migrate, and optimize CX. By unbundling telecom from CCaaS, or Bringing Your Own Carrier (BYOC),  enterprises can move between cloud, on-premises, and hybrid solutions with granular control. 

In fact, 50.9% of participants in Metrigy’s study agree that BYOC offers more control over connectivity and dial plans, without the headaches of porting numbers or number management.3

The time to migrate is now

Let’s recap the four truths of CX cloud transformation.

  • Improving customer satisfaction is the leading business priority. 
  • Enterprises have a wide variety of contact center architectures today, from fully on-premise to pure cloud, and many are hybrid. Cloud migration isn’t one-size-fits-all, with many reasons to move. 
  • GSIs and MSPs are trusted advisors that can help simplify telecom and CX.
  • BYOC offers more control over telephony, without the headaches of telecom. 

Enterprises are looking to stay one step ahead to deliver the best possible customer experience. Failure to support the journey to the cloud will result in customers looking elsewhere. 

The age of digital transformation is here—the time is now.


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2 Customer Experience Transformation: 2022-23, 724 participants

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