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9-1-1 Dashboard

The 9-1-1 Dashboard is the name for the online platform that Bandwidth provides for its customers to enter their end-users’ telephone numbers and associated addresses. The 9-1-1 Dashboard is sometimes referred to as the Emergency Voice Services Dashboard (EVS Dashboard).



How Bandwidth is Involved with 9-1-1 Dashboard

The 9-1-1 Dashboard allows Bandwidth customers to manage their end-users’ 9-1-1 service and also provides a variety of reports, CDRs, documentation, and call routing information.


What Are the Benefits of the 9-1-1 Dashboard

The 9-1-1 Dashboard provides many options for viewing orders, submitting orders, assigning users and more. Each of the main menu items represents a Bandwidth product, and the sub-menus represent viewable or changeable information within that product.



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