Author: Anagha Ravi

GSM-7 is a character coding standard used for SMS messages that can use up to 160 characters, by using 7 bits, rather than 8.

How Bandwidth is involved with GSM-7

Bandwidth will pass all of the parts/segments using GSM7 encoding as long as there are no special characters. This ties into multi-part messaging which allow longer messages that surpass the range of 160-characters to be sent. The recipient will still get a single message (subject to underlying carrier’s capabilities) and the multiple parts are arranged in the right order.

What are the benefits of GSM-7

There are times when 160 characters just aren’t enough. This is where Bandwidth steps in to make sure the message still gets across. By breaking up long messages that can’t go through in one piece, multipart messaging allows everything to come back together for the intended recipient. Please note that one long message broken into multiple messages will result in charges for each of the component messages.

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