Long Code

A long code is a phone number which is typically a 10-digit number used to exchange SMS & MMS communications. Toll-free numbers in the form of 1-8YY also fall under messaging long codes.

How Bandwidth is Involved with Long Codes

Bandwidth is one of just three companies capable of delivering SMS-enabled wireline numbers nationwide, which means we give you telephone numbers in the geographically relevant markets you care about. In fact, Bandwidth has been working with established companies and startups alike for years.

What Are the Benefits of Bandwidth’s Long Codes

Bandwidth owns and operates our own network and has relationships firmly established to link your texting application or service directly into the wireless infrastructure, globally. All we do is support our customers’ needs for IP-based communications. As one of the largest providers of telephone numbers in the United States, with tens of millions of our SMS-enabled numbers being used by some of the nation’s leading providers, we can help you quickly launch and scale your SMS-based application or service.

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