Virtual phone number

Author: Anagha Ravi

Virtual phone numbers are phone numbers that are not required to be tied to a particular physical device or a fixed geographic location. Virtual numbers can present a recognizable area code for businesses to either receive calls from customers or make calls and send texts to customers. Calls to and from virtual phone numbers can route to a VoIP, wireless, or landline DID that can be located anywhere. 

While virtual numbers may be used for good and valuable purposes. Unfortunately, due to rampant fraudulent activity in the form of illegal spoofing, the term “virtual phone number” can have a negative connotation within the industry, as well. Scammers are known to abuse the inherent flexibility of virtual phone numbers in efforts to create false trust as part of fraud schemes aimed at obtaining sensitive personal information. As a result, the use of virtual phone numbers continues to come under increased scrutiny by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and other government agencies due to the rampant amount of robocalling abuses that have been conducted with spoofed phone numbers

By using local VoIP phone numbers for legitimate purposes however, businesses expanding into new markets can create value and a recognizable, regional presence. Local VoIP phone numbers can enable effective text or voice communications while also protecting the private information of subscribers. 

Bandwidth is a vocal industry proponent for the responsible use of local VoIP phone numbers for legitimate business purposes and closely monitors its network for indications of abuse and fraud

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