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Local A2P Messaging

Local A2P Messaging

Reach millions with one local number

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High-volume, high-delivery SMS experiences—all built on 10DLC

Your business is local; why wouldn’t your number be?

Built on 10DLC (10 Digit Long Codes), Bandwidth’s Local A2P is a first-of-its-kind SMS API that lets businesses use their local number to reach millions at once—all with the highest possible delivery rates. That’s the power of Local A2P.

See popular use cases in action:

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Locality is powerful

Customers prefer hearing from you via SMS—it’s a convenient, low friction way to get in touch. With Local A2P Messaging on 10DLC, you can send messages to all of your customers from a local number. Your number.

No short codes

Short codes can be impersonal and slow to implement

No toll-free numbers

Toll-free numbers may seem unfamiliar

No pool of numbers

A pool of numbers can be viewed skeptically and affect your message deliverability rate

The better solution:

Message from a local number your customers
can recognize, trust, and call back.

Message bubbles and emoji

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Get meaningful metrics on message deliverability

Traditional methods of using local numbers for customer notifications can have unpredictable success rates. With Bandwidth’s Local A2P, your A2P messages come from a single sanctioned number, which means they’ll be less likely to be flagged by wireless carriers as spam. That means more messages delivered and dollars saved.

Don’t let message deliverability affect your ROI

Bandwidth’s Local A2P gives you enterprise-grade services with greater visibility into your delivery rates. Our consultative team of experts helps you:

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Prescreen your content for potential delivery issues

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Deliver actionable status codes on every text message

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Educate your digital strategy team on industry best practices

Starting a conversation has never been easier

Contact us to learn more about Bandwidth Local A2P Messaging and how it can help your business.

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