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SaaS & Apps

Scale globally without the complexity. Engage users around the world via their preferred communication channel, all backed by a global network partner.

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SaaS and Apps Solution

Add integrated cloud communications into your software or app without the complexity

Scale with confidence—Bandwidth is your global cloud communications partner that speaks your language and is with you every step of the way.



Easily integrate programmatic messaging into your software or application. Connect users with a full suite of messaging solutions, including SMS, toll-free, and short codes, all backed by our global network and featuring in-depth insights to help overcome delivery issues and create a better user experience.



Deliver quality, reliable voice calling around the world from within your application or software. Bandwidth’s Programmatic Voice is backed by our owned-and-operated global network, and our in-depth voice insights enable you to identify and resolve issues quickly, before they become problems, ensuring your users have a superior calling experience.

Emergency Calling

Emergency Calling

Connect your users to emergency services in innovative new ways. Bandwidth’s emergency calling solutions deliver reliable, accurate connections to emergency services without the need for expensive infrastructure. It’s your software, only safer.

Experts that are with you every step of the way

Smoothly navigate changing industry and local regulations with our global team of experts who are here to help you with the lay of the land. We speak telecom so you don’t have to.

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We built our global network differently

Our geo-redundant global network connects you so that you’re never more than 1 hop away from the PSTN (public switched telephone network) in 60+ countries, giving you a single point of entry as you scale across the globe.

  • Direct PSTN access in 60+ countries
  • Coverage for more than 90% of the global economy
  • 8 SuperPoPs across the globe
  • Future-proof solutions to reduce regulatory complexities
  • Direct-to-carrier pricing that cuts out the middleman
  • See where we have coverage

Network connection diagram

Competitor networks are fragmented, requiring multiple hops to reach your destination. Bandwidth’s global network cuts out the middleman, so you’re never more than 1 hop from the PSTN.

Industry education

We're trusted by industry leaders and innovators

We work with the most innovative software companies in the world, helping them to change how their users connect and communicate around the globe.

See how easy adding communications to your application, software, or platform is with Bandwidth

Let our team of experts show you how we've worked with industry leaders to transform how businesses like yours integrate communications into their solutions and what the advantages of a global network partner can mean for you and your users.

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