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Are you reaching a Twilio® plateau? 

Twilio customers are making the switch to Bandwidth to get the support, expertise, and critical communication APIs they need to build 5-star digital experiences.

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No other provider offered the same level of hands-on support or cost savings that Bandwidth has been able to deliver. Their flexible APIs made it simple for us to get up and running without missing a beat.

Phillip Kimmey

Co-Founder, and Director of Software and Dev

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Bandwidth vs. Twilio

Why should you make the switch?

Having communication APIs is only half the battle.
Product leaders are making the switch because they need a strategic partner, not just another vendor.

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Unparalleled support

Quality assistance doesn’t come from reading forum-based docs—it comes from real humans with expertise to guide you. Our customers agree with a 97% CSAT score.

Competitive pricing

Direct-to-carrier pricing lets you cut out the middleman and get the best pricing available (as much as 50% savings over the competition!).

Ideal scalability

Ready to bring your digital product to maturity? Our Communication APIs can support your subsequent product upgrades without disruption.

Save as you scale

Bandwidth* Twilio** Savings
Inbound Call (per minute) $0.0055 $0.0085 35%
Outbound Call (per minute) $0.01 $0.0130 23%
Inbound Text (per message) FREE $0.0075 100%
Outbound Text (per message) $0.005 $0.0075 33%
Phone Number (per line per month) $0.35 $1.00 65%

*Prices only available to contracted customers and may be dependent on monthly billing thresholds or setup fees. Terms and conditions apply. **Publicly available list pricing as of 4/2/2022. May not include applicable taxes.

What we value most about our relationship with Bandwidth is the fact that it is truly a partnership. A partnership between two companies that are pursuing a similar mission to serve their customers in the absolute best way possible.

Chad Sallee

Chief Technology Officer

Grow with a dynamic pricing structure

Usage-based pricing with volume flexibility helps control costs as you grow.

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Communicate with flexible APIs

The critical communication channels you need from a single platform including SMS, MMS, voice, WebRTC, video, numbers, and emergency calling APIs.

Create 5-star digital experiences

Easily access critical data so you know how to optimize your communications. Engage customers with an omnichannel communications experience.

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Callouts 2023 IDC, GR and Capterra

I’ve been in the software business quite a while and in my experience, Bandwidth support is the best I’ve seen. Every interaction is a true conversation, every team member digs deep for answers and keeps users up to date at every step.

Tim Cashin

Software Architect

Build 5-star engagements with Bandwidth. Request a trial.

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Have a question that wasn’t covered above? See our answers below!

How does Bandwidth’s support compare to Twilio’s?

Bandwidth believes standard support should always be included. Instead of tacking on an additional fee for support, like Twilio, Bandwidth brings white glove support to every customer with pride, and we have some of the industry’s greatest minds on staff to help our customers with innovative new ideas and navigating industry guidelines.

How does Bandwidth’s pricing compare against Twilio’s?

Because Bandwidth owns our own nationwide VoIP network and is a Tier 1 messaging aggregator, we have direct connections to carriers and pricing that Twilio can’t match. On top of that, we provide white glove support for free to all of our customers.

How do Bandwidth’s message deliverability insights compare to Twilio’s?

Twilio often cites 90%+ message deliverability but doesn’t explain how they got you that number, often estimating the rate of delivery to the carrier only. Bandwidth goes deeper into message delivery insights to let you know if the message actually reached the end user.

How does Bandwidth’s call quality compare to Twilio’s?

Our nationwide CLEC VoIP network means we have top-notch call quality and less call transfers, meaning fewer chances for dropped calls. We can also troubleshoot quality issues directly thanks to our network ownership, providing our customers with the best quality possible. Twilio is not a network owner and must pass traffic through various third-party carriers, causing more dropped calls, bad call quality, and an inability to directly troubleshoot the problems.

Can I transfer my existing numbers to Bandwidth?

Yes! Bandwidth’s industry-leading phone number management dashboard makes it easy to port your existing numbers from your current carrier to Bandwidth. Our team of dedicated porting experts will even work with you to overcome any issues and make sure the experience is as smooth and happy as possible.

What types of customers choose Bandwidth over Twilio?

We work with all types of customers. Our typical customer is looking to scale and wants the power and flexibility that comes with working with a provider that owns the network and an API platform. While Twilio is great for companies that are just starting out and need to quickly get to market, our platform offers more control and direct-to-carrier pricing that Twilio can’t.

How easy is it to migrate from Twilio to Bandwidth?

Our dedicated team of onboarding and migration specialists are here to help you during the migration process. Our APIs align closely with Twilio’s, making the process relatively painless. You can learn more by downloading our Twilio Migration Guide.

Does Bandwidth have developer documentation?

Yes. You can access our developer documentation at at any time.

What size companies are best for Bandwidth?

The companies that best fit Bandwidth currently are larger enterprises with in-house development resources that want greater control and customization ability over every aspect of your users’ experience. When out-of-the-box tools become too constraining, we’re the platform you graduate to.

What volume can Bandwidth handle?

When it comes to what volume we can handle, we bring a carrier-grade network to the table, so the higher your volume, the more it will make sense for you to choose Bandwidth. Since we’re our own carrier and aren’t paying a third party network mark-up fee we’re able to give you an excellent cost per call or message.

Do you offer custom quotes or discounts for high volume use cases?

Yes! Visit our pricing page, click on the High Volume & Enterprise tab, and fill out the form and a member of our team will get in touch to work on a custom quote for your specific needs.

How secure are Bandwidth’s APIs?

All transactions through Bandwidth REST APIs are secured through TLS. In addition, Bandwidth is ISO27001:2013 certified and SOC 2 Type 1 compliant. Bandwidth has an established GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) team that continuously monitors risk in support of our ISO 27001:2013 ISMS.

What should I take into account when considering migrating from Twilio to Bandwidth?

We recommend that all potential Bandwidth customers take into account their use case, volume, and developer resources when considering migrating from Twilio to Bandwidth. Check out our Twilio Migration Guide to see the full list and set yourself up for the easiest migration possible.

Twilio is a registered trademark of Twilio, Inc. and is unaffiliated with Bandwidth.