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February product updates: Free up some me-time with less manual work

Caroline Sutton Caroline Sutton
Caroline Sutton
February product updates

This month’s updates are all about making your lives easier— fewer support tickets and less manual work for managing your mobile app will hopefully free up some much needed “you” time. So let’s get into the updates, shall we?

Manage user rolls, responsibilities and more-no support tickets required

Who hates waiting on support tickets to complete easy tasks? You can’t see me in virtual-land, but trust me I’m raising my hand enthusiastically. With this in mind, we’re excited to empower our Number Management Dashboard users with the ability to complete important tasks on-demand like creating, modifying and removing users, and password resets. Additionally, we’re equipping you with the ability to assign special roles and responsibilities to your users– don’t want the new guy to be able to port numbers? No problem! Boss doesn’t want to see anything but reports? No biggie.

Log in to the Number Management Dashboard to try the new features out for yourself, and say goodbye to a few of those unnecessary support tickets once and for all.

Update your mobile app the easy way with Acrobits mobile SDKs

Are you sick of constantly revising your app so that it works with the latest iOS and Android updates? Our partnership with mobile software development kit (SDK) masterminds Acrobits can help! What’s an SDK? Basically a development shortcut that can help you get the foundation of your app written quickly — they’re fully integrated, modular and scalable.  By partnering up with Acrobits we’re giving you faster access to mobile SDKs that stay ahead of the curve.  Acrobits makes it their mission to get their SDKs updated as fast as possible, to keep your work minimal and your app optimized for the latest technology.

For more information about our mobile SDK partnership with Acrobits, check out the docs here.

Feeling the zen yet of a life without waiting on support tickets and mindless app updates? Let’s all say it together now: “ommmmmmm”. Got any examples of blissful customer experiences you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!