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How RCS is changing how the hotel industry interacts with guests

George Perry George Perry
George Perry
Smartphone with hotel application on screen

And so we’ve reached the end of the road (thanks Boyz II Men) — the last in our 4-part series with Genesys around RCS. We’ve talked about what RCS is, why it’s one of the technologies your business needs to be using, and how you can get your customers’ attention with it. Now it’s time to show it in use.

An app-like experience, right in your text messages

We’ve talked about what sets Rich Communication Services (RCS) apart from regular SMS or MMS. On top of being able to add branding elements, custom responses, and rich media cards, the ability to embed information like phone numbers, location data, and maps creates an app-like experience in your customers’ native texting application.

So what does RCS actually look like?

We’ve talked about what sets it apart, we’ve even given you a few use cases; now it’s time to show you what it actually looks like.

Our team has been working on a very early prototype that uses a hotel customer as an example. This prototype demo shows you how customers can check-in, upgrade their room, and have all the information they need, before setting foot in the hotel, and all from their native texting app.

It’s really cool, we’re really proud and excited about it, and we think you’ll be excited for it too. Check it out.

Pretty awesome, right?

Get in touch

Want to know more? Visit our RCS Messaging page and sign your company up for our RCS Beta Trial. We’re excited to work with companies to create unique use cases that show off what RCS is really capable of.

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