How to create the right product marketing materials at the right time

Deirdre Clarke
Deirdre Clarke

Imagine if I have built this amazing new app that new users ooh and aah over when they get their hands on it. Instant jackpot? If my new product is so great, do I really need to spend much time actually marketing it?

YES! You absolutely need to carefully detail the value proposition and vision of the product and target that message to the right market segment. Doing so, will ensure that your product actually has a chance at being the next big thing as it all hinges on creating your brand and your identity. So how can you ensure that your product story is easy to understand and what kinds of materials do you need to communicate it well?

Thus far, I have been focusing on the product management side in my blog series detailing how to launch a new product. Product management is all about figuring out what to build. Product marketing, on the other hand, is why have we built the product and how can others utilize it to make their lives better. In a nutshell, it is about communicating the right message.

I have created an at-a-glance chart below that details which materials are needed, depending on which stage a new product is in. Let me explain each of these in more detail.



Product Discovery Stage

Since you do not want to invest too much time creating materials for an idea that might not pan out and turn into a full fledge product, the materials at this stage are more about telling the story vs. showing a real, functioning product. The goal here is to prove that there is real interest from prospects before investing the time and money into building it.


MVP/Beta Stage

By the time you get to this Beta stage, you will have at least six B2B customers (or hundreds of B2C customers) signed up and in trials with you. Congrats! Now is the time to add more collateral to beef your story up.


Deploy / Production Stage

Woohoo! You have real customers, a real working product, and are in the sustaining and future growth stage. You have proven that there is a real need for your solution! So what next? You continue to enhance your story, spread the word to larger masses, and foster the relationships with your current customers.


So you are probably saying to yourself, “wow” that is a lot of content to create. And ya know what?  You’re right, it is. However, you don’t have to create it all at once, and as you work your way through it, it will just become second nature on what content to focus on within. Without a product story, or a brand that is not recognizable, even the best of products can fail.

This blog is 3rd in the “How to Launch a Product” series that includes: What is Product Discovery, Iterating on the MVP, Creating the right product marketing materials (this one!), beta testing, educating and empowering internal teams, declaring official “product”, and scaling & growth. In the meantime, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Cheers.