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The race for bulk porting

Eric Hewell Eric Hewell
Eric Hewell
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The Bandwidth porting experience is founded on simplicity, efficiency, and ease of API integration. We pride ourselves on the happy porting experience, launching your team into a successful day-to-day routine filled with completed port requests. Though most ports are 1-100 TNs, why should the experience change for your bulk ports for over 100+ TNs? Porting under 100 telephone numbers (TNs) is like a sprint, while bulk porting (aka projects) is a marathon. The only change should be the type of race we are running, not settling for second place because it is a longer distance. If anyone knows marathons, we do. Bandwidth just had 3 teams crush an ultra-relay of 200 miles from Raleigh to the beach last November! Expect the same type of effort from the Project Porting Team as you partner with us to migrate your number inventory to Bandwidth or fulfill routine bulk requests. Here’s how it’s done:

The Training Plan

The key to going from casual weekend jogs to pavement pounding a full marathon is the training plan. Training plans consist of three main ingredients: workouts, recovery, and nutrition. Similarly, preparing for a bulk port requires three main components: a completed Letter of Authorization (LOA), a Bandwidth Project Spreadsheet with the confirmed TN list, and the Customer Service Record (CSR) information.

The LOA for a bulk port is necessary to show authorization for the request, just like the waiver you sign at the registration table for your race. You’ll need to make sure you have a confirmed porting TN list and the requested port date in mind prior to completing an LOA. Next, we use a simple Bandwidth Project Spreadsheet to ‘scrub’ your confirmed TN list. This scrub breaks down which carrier(s) the numbers belong to. We will have a more realistic timeline and better idea of necessary information once we know the carriers that we will be porting away from. There must be at least 100 TNs per carrier with a max of 3 carriers for a port to be considered a project with Bandwidth.  Next, requesting a Customer Service Record (CSR) to validate the porting information with the losing carrier is like lacing up our shoes at the start of the race. The CSR notes the necessary service information on the account to port the numbers. Starting a project port without the correct CSR information would be like forgetting your shoes on race day – you can still start the race, but the aches and pains will delay you from your target finish time. Project porting is currently handled through support tickets to ensure a project porting representative is dedicated to your request. Consider this like having your own personal coach, but we’ll still let you watch Netflix and chill.

Now that you have your completed LOA, confirmed Project Spreadsheet, and the CSR is validated with the losing carrier, you are off to the starting line!

The Course

Nothing is as motivating as a tailwind that carries you along effortlessly to your fastest mile times, barely breaking a sweat. Nothing provides a level confidence as going into a race knowing every turn and water stop along your route. The competitive advantage for project porting is knowing the course prior to setting benchmarks for your goal. This is where working with Bandwidth makes you a winner. We leverage our thorough understanding of other carrier processes to give you the competitive edge.

The marathon course that we run on for bulk porting is the ‘underlying carrier course.’ Each carrier has their own unique process and guidelines to navigate. Though inconsistency sounds intimidating, Bandwidth’s experienced project team has run these courses many times before and know what potholes to avoid within both the toll free and standard TN races. Using our existing relationships to your advantage, the Projects Team is here to offer advice and guidance on how to maneuver various carrier requirements. The most important part to remember is that each carrier is different, which can affect processing times for your port date. We find that the most seamless projects are ones that the customer also understands how the losing carrier works their port outs. Going into this race as team can really make the difference, but Bandwidth will always keep up the pace no matter the challenge.


Let’s face it, sometimes injuries are inevitable while running, but that doesn’t mean we can’t push past it. Rejections for standard port requests are the same rejections that show up on project ports: wrong Billing Telephone Number (BTN), pending orders, inactive TNs, etc. To help prevent these type of obstacles, we recommend asking 8 basic questions prior to submitting your project request. I mean, who has the energy to jump hurdles while running a marathon? If they pop up, we’ll help you push them down.

Another type of injury that can occur is making last minute changes to your stride or diet on race day. Any changes that the end user (EU) needs to make to their account should be made prior to submitting the project. The last thing you want to do is enter the final sprint to your Firm Order Confirmation (FOC) date and face-plant on an un-tied shoe lace because the EU made account changes in the middle of processing the project.

The Finish Line

The Bandwidth Projects Team treats your FOC date like getting 1st place on the podium. That’s right, we are not in the business to get you silver or bronze, only gold. Whether it’s a port of 100 or 10,000 numbers, we know that the port is valuable to your team and customer, so it is valuable to us. The Projects Team is here to help you achieve your deadline and ensure the port to Bandwidth is seamless, and our highly-experienced TAC and NOC team are in position and ready to resolve any post-port issues.

To wrap up your project porting marathon let me ask…

If you could get all the credit and fitness benefits of running a marathon but do none of the hard work, would you do it? Of course! Let Bandwidth do the heavy lifting for your bulk ports, while you maintain gold medal status with your customers.

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