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Phone Numbers

Three easy, attention-getting phone number features you can’t afford not to offer


June 30, 2017


April 6, 2023

3 Features you can't afford not to offer

Ever gotten a phone call from someone with a “number not provided” number? Did you answer it? We didn’t think so! Your customers expect that added value, and lucky for you it’s easy to add and get it done before you leave for vacation.  Here’s our quick list of Caller ID services you can offer (and we can help!) that will improve your customers’ experience without any added headache or work for you.

1.  Inbound Caller ID (also known as CNAM)

Our Inbound Caller ID Service gives you full command and access to calling party names from wireless, wireline and IP- based operators who provide their subscribers with caller name identification services.  The CNAM service ensures caller name accuracy by supporting near-real-time updates from North American Line Information Databases (LIDBs) being fed by over one thousand landlines, wireless, cable, and VoIP service providers.

In short, it can turn a nine-digit phone number into “Bob from Bob’s Pizza in Denver, CO” so your customers know who’s calling before they pick up the phone.

2.  Outbound Caller ID (LIDB)

Our Outbound Caller ID Service (also referred to as LIDB services) provides extensive coverage to ensure your customers’ satisfaction by delivering calling name data to more regions more often. To simplify data storage and maintenance, Bandwidth provides both a web interface and APIs that enable you to make changes to individual records in real time 24 hours a day. Our flexible data administration options take the burden of data management off your hands.

Essentially, your customers can put their business name front and center, instead of an anonymous phone number.

3.  Directory Listings & Directory Assistance Publishing Services

Have you ever wondered where that caller ID information comes from? It all starts with the directory listings provider. We’ve carefully curated and built relationships with top providers like, Whitepages, Dexpages and more to give you access to the most up-to-date, accurate data available. We can also help you add and update new listings as your customers change in a really easy way.  Our unique Directory Publishing service model solves the industry gap by offering data validation, data fallout management, data mapping, and a direct delivery channel to publishers. This end-to-end workflow model produces fewer errors, less fall-out, and higher throughput, resulting in an overall reduction in operational overhead.

Our Phone Number features help you quickly and easily deliver all the benefits of inbound and outbound caller ID—plus directory publishing—to your customers. In addition, we offer online tools that let you (or your customers!) manage nationwide caller name storage with a few clicks of a button.  How’s that for a quick way to add value?