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#WellnessWednesday: active body equals a healthy mind


March 23, 2016


April 10, 2023

Cup of strawberry smoothy

Stress is a word that resonates with all of us, pounding in the back of our head and pushing us to keep going when little to no steam is left. Our brain continues to stay active even at our calmest moments. As an intern and full-time student, my mind never stops. I grind my gears from the second I wake up to the moment my head hits the pillow.

I have thrown myself into many roles and at times, have challenged myself with more than I can handle. We want to be the best. We want to be healthy. We want to see it all pay off. However, many lose sight on the importance of balance and health. I sure struggle with it and have just recently found my way to live life, both with an active body and a healthy mind.

What are some things I do to relieve stress?

Prioritize. Many times I find myself overwhelmed and confused with a task list down to my feet. Regardless of my workload, it is key to take care of the big ticket items first. People say I am a workaholic but I just thoroughly enjoy working and getting paid. Who doesn’t? However, it’s super crucial for me to devote time to study and complete school work first. It is truly a sense of relief.

Organize. I always tell people “if my room is a train wreck, my week has been a mess.” One thing college has taught me is that you cannot succeed without order in your life. Whether it’s jotting down tasks in a planner or setting up an online calendar including meetings and due dates, organizing your life will maximize your time.

Work-out. This part of my life is nonexistent without organizing my time and tasks but I have developed a workout routine that extends to more than just improving my physical appearance. Working out is like obtaining an extra battery pack for your iPhone. It’s this additional fuel you have kept locked up and is just waiting to be used.

Eat right. Fuel is not only generated by the movement of your feet but the food you eat. I use to be notorious for skipping meals and not eating enough of the right things. Devoting time to prep meals for your work week is super useful. It may take a block of your time each week, but will be well worth it at the end and can save you money!

While I clearly try to have my own game plan, nothing helps more than to work for a company that truly values their employees and knows the vitality of a balanced lifestyle. Bandwidth’s culture boils down to the body, mind and spirit. “You can have both meaningful work PLUS a full life at Bandwidth.” No matter my workload, there is certain beauty in knowing that Bandwidth will take care of me. Whether it’s my extra 30 minutes during lunch to work-out or the lunch-n-learns that help me grow in my career, Bandwidth promotes an active body and a healthy mind.

My passion for Bandwidth culture trickled down into my work, using #WellnessWednesday to connect and inspire others via Bandwidth’s Instagram.

Whether it’s being active and shaking things up at this year’s cornhole tournament…

cornhole 3 23 16

Or creating healthy habits and enjoying a delicious Vitamix smoothie,

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…our team truly identifies with wellness. Let the enthusiasm and energy of the group be our fuel! #WellnessWednesday

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Our account can be found at Remember, relieving stress is a project that takes dedication and consistency. Allow your healthy workplace and personal goals to work together to create the best version of yourself—stress free and ready to take on anything that comes your way!