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Communication API

Communication API

Communication APIs are APIs that give businesses the ability to embed voice calling, text messaging and other communications functionality into a software application or product. From a developer standpoint, APIs are important because they allow capabilities of a specific program to be used interchangeably with another, meaning these programs are able to communicate. 

Communication APIs are built for the communication space, and were brought on after the development and deployment of Communications-Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS), allowing enterprises to achieve seamless communications across a plethora of different channels. Built to serve as a type of liaison between an application and a database, Communication APIs help businesses leverage data securely and with ease. 

Types of Communication APIs

There are many different types of APIs that can be integrated into software, even existing software, so businesses can adopt as many as they want with ease. Some of the most common types of communication APIs include:

  • SMS APIs
    • SMS APIs let businesses easily integrate SMS text functions into an application and offer a variety of features that allow customers to access emojis, pictures, audio, long message support, PIN codes, notifications and more.  
  • MMS APIs
    • MMS APIs let businesses easily integrate MMS text functions into an application and offer customers the ability to send video or picture messages, and can even be used for group messaging.
  • Voice Calling APIs
    • Voice Calling APIs let businesses easily integrate voice functions into an application, including automated and controlled call routing, conference calling, call recording, text-to-speech and more. 
    • REST APIs are utilized to send and receive phone calls and text messages, along with managing phone number operations. 
  • Emergency Calling APIs
    • Emergency Calling APIs let businesses empower their users to contact emergency services how and where they want, giving them peace of mind and preparedness for when disaster strikes. 

Why Are Businesses Adopting Communication APIs?

Communication APIs provide businesses with the cutting-edge platforms and programs needed to stay up to date in our vastly growing world of technology. CPaaS, in general, is quickly evolving into the enterprise space for businesses who want to take control of their communication platforms. Communication APIs are a cost-effective way of allowing extensive communications internally and externally, increasing productivity, efficiency, and collaboration, while keeping integration pains at a minimum.

Where Can I Get Communication APIs?

Finding APIs can be a small challenge, because not all APIs are created equal. Help from tools such as API directories are preferred, because they market APIs from the providers site, and help developers see which will be the best match for their system. If you are starting from scratch with building out your businesses APIs, you can find directories, like that of ProgrammableWeb, and choose which provider you think would best fit your needs. If you have a provider already, integrating new APIs will not be a challenge, just contact your current support team.

What Consumers Need to Know About Communication APIs

Communication APIs are moving businesses forward in markets they never thought possible. Due to APIs allowing computer programs to interchange capabilities and communicate with one another, businesses are able to grow like never before. Communication APIs are driving new waves of innovation and transforming business processes. 

APIs became more popular and development took off after the release of the iPhone, and other smart devices with soon followed. This meant that businesses needed to allow their end users the ability to easily access information and data through the applications, not just via the internet. 

How is Bandwidth Involved with Communication APIs

Bandwidth owns and operates one of the largest All-IP Voice Networks in the nation. On top of that network, we have built a full suite of communication APIs to fulfill the needs of all of our customers, large and small. Bandwidth provides services that enable voice, messaging, 911 access, and phone numbers to be seamlessly integrated to work for our customers. Our Communications APIs are used to meet a wide range of business needs. From developers integrating voice and messaging capabilities into applications to call centers finding ways to better manage their calling infrastructure, Bandwidth’s communication APIs can create solutions for you. Try them free and see for yourself.

Bandwidth has mastered communication software so that you can master what matters most to you. Since we own and operate one of the largest All-IP Voice Networks in the nation, we are built to scale, aiming to grow with you while you grow your business. Integrating voice calling, text messaging, and other communication features allows you to do more for your customers.

What are the Benefits Bandwidth’s Communication APIs

The Bandwidth API Platform makes using APIs even easier. Our fully-featured user interface lets anyone with web development skills create voice and messaging applications, and our platform includes a load of helpful how-to guides, sample code, and API help libraries to get you started.

Bandwidth makes it easy to get started with our APIs. Your own web developers can do the job, even if they know nothing about telecom. Incorporating voice and messaging is a lot like writing a web application. Plus, there’s no costly capital investment in hardware or specialized telecom equipment, so there’s no need to manage assets, patches, security, or anything else. You can leverage your telecom provider’s cloud hosting and hardware expertise.

Overall, your customers will love the convenience and personalization when you use automated messages to remind them about appointments or service updates. And when you integrate texting and voice calls, you will be free to focus more on customers and less on data entry, so you can increase your value gains and productivity at the same time.

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