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Build an IVR system that connects with just a few lines of code + the Bandwidth Voice API

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Get your customers’ questions answered faster

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Reduce costs with smarter routing & faster time to resolution

Build an interactive voice response system with efficient self-service call flows for your customers, reducing your business’ costs by allowing customers to self-select whom they talk to, while reducing time to resolution with fewer transfers and number of agents interacted with.

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Improved Customer Satisfaction

Nobody likes being sent on a wild goose chase. Build the experience your customers want, with APIs that allow customers to get the help they need the first time, giving them a better, more satisfying experience.

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A flexible, adaptable IVR

Your needs and the needs of your customers change. By building your own IVR system you can update options based on your business needs, and the needs of your customers.

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Why Bandwidth

As the only API platform with our own nationwide all-IP voice network, Bandwidth provides direct-to-carrier access and pricing. Our network gives you reliable, crystal-clear voice calling and ensures your customers can reach the person they need every time.

Start building your Cloud IVR System

Ready to start building your own cloud IVR, powered by Bandwidth’s voice services?

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require 'bandwidth'

include Bandwidth
include Bandwidth::Voice

gather ={
    :gather_url => "/userInput",
    :max_digits => 5,
    :first_digit_timeout => 7,
    :terminating_digits => "*"
response =


Example showing how to play a prompt sentence and then wait until 5 digits are pressed. It will stop gathering digits if * is pressed or if 7 seconds pass with no digits pressed. Read more about it

How can your industry be transformed with Bandwidth?

Enterprise Telephony

Enterprise Telephony

Cut costs by reducing the resources necessary to get customers where they need to go and getting their problems solved faster. Learn more

UC Service Providers

UC Service Providers

Deliver IVR solutions for your customers’ contact centers, backed by our redundant, cost-effective toll-free service with Voice API features. Learn more

Banking and finance

Banking & Finance

Share information on hours and location without having to task a live human. Connect customers with the financial experts they need and eliminate annoying transfers.



Provide students and faculty with a central line to call for information on school closings. Route students to the correct department.

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