Level up your toll-free

Toll-Free resiliency like never before

Keep your customer service up, even through extraordinary network disruptions.

One provider, total toll-freedom

With a single provider, get multiple fallbacks and cruise control for disruptions.  

Your shields will be up, effortlessly

Bandwidth’s toll-free resiliency spans three layers*:

Geo-redundant network

Bandwidth’s On-Net toll-free network in 130+ LATAs in the US converts all traffic to IP as it hits the network with a 99.999% uptime.

5x carrier redundancy

You get our toll-free, you get our signature redundancy. We’ve built industry-leading 5x carrier redundancy directly into our core network.

Call Assure™—Toll-Free disaster recovery

Add on Call Assure for total peace of mind. For extraordinary disruptions, Call Assure routes your traffic through the cloud—hands-free—insulating it from any disruption.  

How it works: Call Assure

First-of-its-kind hands-free toll-free disaster recovery

In case of the rare event that an extraordinary disruption impacts the core network, your traffic is routed safely across the Call Assure cloud platform.

Explore Call Assure

How it works: 5x carrier redundancy

Industry-leading redundancy from a single carrier

We have direct peering relationships with 4 major carriers, to bring you:

  • 4x more fallbacks than usual
  • high-quality, cost-saving routing
  • sophisticated managed routing

Leaders rest easy, knowing we’ve got them

  • “Bandwidth’s customer service is the number one thing that makes us the most successful with our customers. You treat us like a priority.”

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  • “Everything was smooth in the transition to Bandwidth as RespOrg. Ultimately, it comes down to that we trust Bandwidth. We wanted to get the management out of our hands, and have someone who will manage it better than we do now. Again, it really comes down to that trust we’ve built.”

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  • “Call Assure benefits TeleVoIPs by allowing us to provide our clients with the peace of mind that their toll-free numbers will work even in a catastrophic situation. We use Bandwidth because of how easy it is to work with them, and their customer service is awesome!”

*Available in some markets