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Inbound Voice

Inbound Voice

High quality voice, from the network up

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Originate calls with Bandwidth’s Inbound Voice. It's powerful, reliable, and built for the enterprise.

We were built for this

Our nationwide, all-IP voice network was built for quality voice and reliable origination services. We are a 49 state CLEC, with millions of numbers on our network, and a footprint that covers more than 93% of the population. Because we own our network, we give you:

  • Quality: We monitor our network 24/7, 365 to find and resolve issues before your customers ever hear them.
  • Flexibility: We can give you more control and unmatched speed-to-market.
  • Cost-savings: You benefit from high quality service with less external dependencies and more competitive pricing.

Network Power: The Real CPaaS Secret Sauce for Business Grade Experience

Network Power: The CPaaS Secret Sauce for Business Grade Experience

See what we’re doing (and what you can do!) to help fight quality issues like latency, packet loss, and jitter.

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Phone number management

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Phone number management made easy

With Bandwidth, managing phone numbers is easy. You can use our APIs to enable porting, number ordering, and provisioning in your own interface or manage numbers directly in our dashboard. Search voice-enabled numbers in the service areas you need, and port them seamlessly. Visibility and ease are part of the package.

We have the best porting experience in the industry. People tell us all the time. We give you access to telecom experts who specialize in solving complicated porting challenges, whether you’re moving one phone number or thousands.

Bandmate who is here to help

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Support that makes you say wow

Bandwidth’s Network Operations Team monitors your network traffic 24/7, 365. We make sure that every single customer is connected to our knowledgeable, U.S.-based Customer Account Manager team. Subject matter experts from teams like Line Number Porting, Technical Assistance, and Billing are on-call for next-level support from day one.

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A customizable calling experience to meet the needs of your enterprise

When you choose Bandwidth as your originating carrier, you can customize your solution with:

  • Local numbers
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Real-time inbound call management
  • Customizable failover & disaster recovery
  • Best in class voice quality
  • Detailed call records
  • Easy access to billing details
  • Line Features: CNAM, LIDB, Directory Assistance
  • 911 Access
  • Voice APIs

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