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Toll-free voice 5x better

An innovative toll-free voice solution stacked with multi-carrier redundancy, more cost savings, and award-winning support that’s always included.


Introducing Call Assure™

A first-of-its-kind hands-off toll-free disaster recovery solution over and above our signature 5x carrier redundancy

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Unique and proven benefits

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5x redundancy for business continuity

We leverage our own Feature Group D network alongside direct peering relationships with four toll-free carriers to give you 5x carrier redundancy from a single provider.

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Expertise & 24×7 support

Rely on trusted telco and software-centric expertise across our in-house 24×7 Network Operations Center (NOC), Technical Assistance Center (TAC), and toll-free product teams—always included for all customers.

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Cost savings & predictability

Gain cost savings and billing predictability with flat rate and competitive rate deck pricing options. And because you can safely consolidate traffic with Bandwidth as your RespOrg, you can realize even more savings with higher volumes of traffic.

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Streamlined processes

Get access to an extensive inventory of toll-free numbers through our best-in-class Number Management Dashboard and APIs. Integrate directly into your own tools and eliminate the need for middlemen and swivel chair processes.

What makes it better than the rest?

Watch the video to learn more about what makes our toll-free platform so unique.

How it works

With Bandwidth as your RespOrg, we leverage our own Feature Group D network alongside direct peering relationships with four other major toll-free carriers to deliver 5x carrier redundancy from a single provider—with high quality calling, cost savings and expert support built right in. Bandwidth builds and optimizes complex routing engines on your behalf, so you get the safety of multi-vendor redundancy and fast failover. Our 24/7 NOC proactively monitors network traffic, detects problems, and adjusts your traffic to avoid outages—so that your customers (and your revenue) can always get through.

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How Bandwidth’s 5x redundant toll-free network works

Assess your risks (and mitigate them!)


Single-carrier failure

Major toll-free carriers are not agile or flexible enough to have multi-carrier redundancy or expert-level support built into their solution. Instead, they pass along all of the inherent risks of being single-threaded directly to their customers like you.


DIY drawbacks

Managing your own toll-free to try to control costs and maintain reliability can leave you falling short on both. Expensive management tools, round-the-clock in-house responsibilities, and the limitations of manual processes are hindering your ability to succeed.

With Bandwidth you’ll gain

  • Multi-carrier redundancy for failover assurance
  • 99.999% uptime assurance from our geo-redundant core network
  • Simple, competitive rates with available flat-rate pricing
  • Expert, white-glove support
  • Instant toll-free number searchability, ordering, & provisioning via Dashboard or API
  • Text message enablement on toll-free numbers
  • An entire team of porting pros to give you a truly ‘Happy Porting’ experience

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Don’t just take our word for it

“You’ve grown into more than just a provider for us; you’re a strategic partner for our communications in general.”

Ramesh Elaiyavalli, COO of logo

“Everything was smooth in the transition to Bandwidth as RespOrg. Ultimately, it comes down to that we trust Bandwidth. We wanted to get the management out of our hands, and have someone who will manage it better than we do now. Again, it really comes down to that trust we’ve built.”

John Fisher, Senior Business Analyst at EvolveIP

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Ready for 5x better toll-free?

Quality and redundancy in your toll-free solution has a direct impact on your bottom line. If you’re ready to learn more about how Bandwidth can help you achieve greater toll-free efficiency and redundancy, now and into the future, request a quote today.

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