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March 10, 2016


April 6, 2023

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Blogs have become a popular source of industry knowledge, inspiration, and community sharing. They are the 5th most trusted source for information on the Internet. Whether you subscribe to weekly emails, or just follow along on LinkedIn, blogs have truly become part of a routine for most!

As a Graphic Designer on the Marketing team, one of my top choices is InVision’s Blog! It is a spectacular source of information, advice, and free resources! Their team does a great job on gathering content surrounding design, marketing, and UX. I look forward to getting their emails every week!

We’ve collected a list of other great blogs from some of our employees at Bandwidth. Check them out:


Submitted by: Tyler Crumpler, Email Marketer
“Their blog provides great statistics, infographics, and posts all surrounding email. I love it because it is extremely relevant to my job and interesting to explore.”

Product Hunt

Submitted by: Jennifer McLaughlin, Product Owner
“I can’t wait to get their email and blogs — such a great resource for cool new products that are really useful!”


Submitted by: Dan Tolbert, Developer Evangelist
“Up to date information about technology. Not really trying to sell anything, just inform techy folks about how they accomplish tasks.”


Submitted by: Scott Miller, Systems Administrator
“This is a very technical blog about networking with many in-depth sections. Also, the blog author lives in Raleigh.”


Submitted by: Annie Steur, Marketing Consultant
“Consistently offers blogs on a variety of topics, all aimed at marketing education and improving your skill set.”

Y Combinator

Submitted by: Ed Hintz, Director of Cloud Services Development
“Technically this is a blog/news aggregator. The stories are voted on and are very interesting for the high technology start-ups and leading edge industry trends.”