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Spirit week: the way it should be

Elizabeth McDougal Elizabeth McDougal
Elizabeth McDougal
Man celebrates amongst crowd of people

When you think of Spirit week does your mind instantly fill with memories of football games, float parades, and ‘Tacky Wednesday’ outfits? How could you think Spirit Week meant anything else? Enter Bandwidth, where Spirit Week takes on an entirely different meaning. When I think of Spirit week, I think of Instagram worthy costumes, team bonding over matching bandanas, and intense competition that makes you more anxious than the finale of ‘The Bachelor.’

History of Spirit Week

Whose idea was this anyway? I wondered that myself and recently found out that Spirit Week was an idea brought up in 2011 when Amie Nelson, who now is the brains behind  Spirit Week, had a conversation with friends at work about high school spirit week and field days. They realized that our team needed some “renewed spirit,” as she called it, to keep our Bandwidth Spirit alive as the company started rapidly expanding. We are now on our 5th annual Spirit Week, with the number of participants growing each year!

New Friends

One of my favorite parts about Spirit Week is meeting new people. We pursue our individual mission at Bandwidth so whole heartedly that sometimes it means we don’t get to spend as much time talking with people on all 5 floors of the business which is hard for me since being social is in my DNA. Spirit Week takes care of scheduling my social hour by putting a block of time on everyone’s calendar where we all get to be together in one place! Getting to spend time competing in ridiculous games for an entire week with more than 120 people from all across the company concludes in nothing but hilarious moments captured on film and new friendships.

Team Events

You know its Spirit Week at Bandwidth when everyone is dressed head to toe in the theme of the day and strategizing with their team through a detailed email thread as soon they walk in the door. Everyone is aiming to dominate.  The week is made up of themed outfits and events that take place around the lunch hour. Most of the events are team events but some are only for individuals, where the team can select representatives to participate.

The prizes up for grabs are gift cards and vacation days. Can you imagine if you won all 5 days? I’m thinking a trip to the beach is a must but I can’t get too ahead of myself.  While in the past there have been eating contests and dance offs, I’m super excited about this year’s impeccable lineup with some new events being added to the list.


Spirit Week 2015

  • Monday: Water Balloon Volleyball (Bandwidth Swag Day)
  • Tuesday: Dizzy Putt (Pajama Day)
  • Wednesday: Operation Dumbo Drop (Sports Day)
  • Thursday: Egg Roulette (Flip Flop/Hat Day)
  • Friday: Lip Sync Championship (Decade Day)

For the cause

Each year the money we raise from Spirit Week goes to Big Brothers  Big Sisters.  We enjoy working closely with them on several events throughout the year.  There’s nothing more fun than helping the community and strengthening our family as we do it. I wasn’t sure if this Spirit Week thing was real since I hadn’t participated in one since high school, but at Bandwidth it’s about as real as it gets.

As our family continues to grow we are striving to keep the spirit strong and follow our CEO, David Morken’s motto to challenge what is with what should be. At Bandwidth, that sometimes means having too much fun in your decade gear and lip syncing to TSWIFT for the final showdown. This might sound crazy to some, but to us, it’s the way it should be.