The state of enterprise cloud adoption: 2023

Are you ahead or behind of your peers? Find out in this preview of the 2023 Enterprise Communications Landscape.
Blue buildings and server in the cloud

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Hybrid work isn’t going anywhere. It’s no longer the future–it’s reality. And for 46% of participants, they’re working in a hybrid or fully remote office every single day. 

With hybrid work comes a plethora of hurdles, and cloud-based tools are the answer to deliver accessible, best-of-breed customer and employee experiences.  

Delivering tools to a distributed workforce takes the right blend of on-prem and cloud-based systems, and also raises compliance challenges like U.S. law RAY BAUM’s Act. (Pro-tip: the deadline for RAY BAUM’s Act was in January 2022.)

All of this makes migrating to the cloud an imperative, now–not a nice-to-have in the future. 

UCaaS migrations are well underway

44% of enterprises polled are currently shifting to a cloud-based communications & collaboration solution. But migrating telephony to UCaaS is a big move, and picking a provider to support your needs is tricky. 

Number management, user setup, integrations, compliance, and feature parity all add complexity to your migration and implementation. 

Question: Have you migrated your UC&C platform(s) to the cloud?

Moving internal comms to the cloud can be a great way for businesses to alleviate equipment management, reduce costs, redirect technical talent to other needs, and expand access to innovative tools. UCaaS is often the first solution to migrate because there’s less risk when moving internal comms to the cloud compared with customer communications.

As time passes, migrating communications will enable enterprises with faster delivery of services, improved interoperability, and greater reliability–all of which add up to creating an optimal UX.

Session Border Controllers (SBCs) are going hosted 

60% of participants plan to or have moved their SBCs to the cloud via a hosted model, 23% want to keep SBCs on-prem, and 17% are unsure. 

Question: What is your plan for your SBC estate?

Contact center migrations are lagging

42% of respondents were migrating their contact center to the cloud at the time of the survey. 37% have already migrated to the cloud, 13% are planning to, and 7% don’t plan to at all. 

Question: Have you migrated your contact center to the cloud?

To achieve this, enterprises are migrating their contact centers in a piecemeal approach. And although migrating to the cloud is challenging, IT leaders make the most from it by building a powerful, value-adding CX.

Critical features, interoperability with legacy systems, third-party integrations, and your unique needs that out-of-the-box CCaaS solutions can’t fit can all get in the way.