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Why buying your 2FA solution is better than building one


August 2, 2021


April 6, 2023

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As you know, security is a growing concern for customers and companies—ensuring that you don’t have fake accounts registered is essential for the analysis of customer growth and crucial for fraud prevention. 

As someone responsible for maintaining & increasing the security of your system, you need to reduce fake account signups, ensure the integrity and security of your users’ logins, secure high-value transactions, as well as increase your users’ overall sense of security.

One of the first steps to take in securing your user accounts is preventing fake  accounts from being set up during registration. There are several methods available, but a common, and effective, method is the use of multi-factor authentication like Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). 2FA can be added to just about any platform whether it be a website or mobile application. 

Ultimately, you need to choose whether to build or buy your 2FA solution. Your answer to which might be the best option will differ based on the circumstances. Although it might seem like building a 2FA solution will be cost-effective, there are several factors you should take into consideration when choosing. 

  • Team Availability: You’re on a deadline to deliver functionality, so is building a 2FA solution from scratch the most important thing your team should be doing? Don’t forget that this also involves researching, perhaps prototyping, and then developing your solution, which could be time consuming and costly.
    • Bandwidth offers 24/7 support dedicated to helping you during the entire process and after deployment. We are committed to helping you succeed and our pay-per-success model ensures you only pay for successful authentications.

Imagine your 2FA solution a few lines of code away. Bandwidth makes this a reality.

  • Adaptability: Let’s assume your team has been able to create this solution. Consider the time spent building the solution and ensuring it is up to standard compared to what the market currently offers. Maintenance is a vital aspect post-deployment and security is an ever evolving landscape. Will you be able to assign team players who can focus on ideating and problem-solving to update the features for your 2FA solution?
    • Dealing with OTP (one-time password) can be complex work as it relies on cryptography. Our Authentication API is so easy to interact with that you don’t have to do more than you need to. We also stay on top of the evolving security market and latest changes in security requirements to keep our 2FA solution in line with the market needs.
  • Flexibility: Save your team energy and time that should be spent focusing on your business’ core work. Remember, your budget can be a major constraint when it comes to adding new features to a product. 2FA solutions like Bandwidth’s Authentication API ensures that you only pay for each successful attempt.
    • Bandwidth offers a fixed price for each successful conversion without hidden fees. Our 2FA solution provides multiple features which are constantly being improved. For example, we have voice fall-back which allows users to get your authentication codes delivered via calls if SMS fails. 

Still undecided? Here’s a few more things to consider:

Using an Authentication API like Bandwidth’s can make it easy to send customizable codes to your users via messaging as well as voice. Providing this fallback is important for business users with non-wireless VoIP phones or those that aren’t comfortable with, or can’t receive, sms.

You don’t have to worry about being stuck on a shared number used by other customers. Our system allows you to bring your own numbers (BYON), providing increased security and a consistent identity.

Most importantly, we always make sure you have a team available to guide and support you at every stage. 

At the end of the day, the truth remains that there will be times when the pros of building outweigh the cons—if you’re not sure, we’re happy to discuss with you and help you to determine the best path forward for you, your team, and your offering.

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