Area Code Emergency Call Routing

Area Code Emergency Call Routing is a routing option for call centers that receive calls from unknown end-users. For example, individuals that press “0” to get to an operator instead of dialing 9-1-1. If an operator sends such a call to Bandwidth and there is not a registered 9-1-1 address on file then, unless the caller can provide their location, the call will be routed based on the area code and prefix of the unknown end user’s telephone number.

How Bandwidth is Involved with Area Code Routing

Bandwidth uses area code routing as a way to get a caller to the right PSAP based on the phone number’s area code and the prefix of the telephone number in cases when a registered 9-1-1 address is not available for a given phone number. This gives call centers a reasonable, simple, and relatively effective way to attempt to determine where to route a call when the address is not known.

What Are the Benefits of Bandwidth’s Area Code Routing

Call centers can benefit from using Bandwidth’s area code routing feature, because it allows for callers to be directed to an operator that is more likely to be within their area in cases when there is no registered address.

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