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Author: Anagha Ravi

PIDF-LO (Presence Information Data Format Location Object) is an HTTP, XML tag format that includes a location object. PIDF-LO takes those location objects and sends them natively with a 911 call across the internet, allowing for instant provisioning with hyper-targeted accuracy, as a caller moves about a campus or high-rise environment.

How Bandwidth is Involved with PIDF-LO

Bandwidth’s 911 Dynamic Location Routing is built on PIDF-LO technology, providing 911 call takers with extremely accurate location information even before the call is answered. This allows emergency call takers to send help to where you are located, versus what city/state your phone may be registered in.

What Are the Benefits of PIDF-LO

By using a 911 routing technology built on PIDF-LO, businesses are able to send up-to-the-minute accurate location information to the correct PSAP. This is an ideal emergency solution particularly for campus, high-rise, or highly mobile workers, as PIDF-LO will dynamically check for location information vs. the one-time static location of a traditional provisioning process.

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