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Snapback is the action of porting a number back to its source carrier. For example, assume that a TN ports from carrier A to B. Immediately after, the customer realizes they aren’t prepared to take the number and needs to immediately request a snap back to move the number back to carrier A. Carrier A is not obligated to honor the snap back; some will not.



How Bandwidth is Involved with Snapback

If a customer believes a number has ported without valid authorization, the Bandwidth LNP team works with the other carrier to make a determination of the validity of the request and, if the port was not authorized, return the number as quickly as possible.


What Are the Benefits of Bandwidth’s Snapback

Bandwidth can provide port-out notifications so that customers are able to review and validate telephone numbers that have been ported out by end users. The following process is required in order for the LNP team to process a “snapback” of a number that has been ported without authorization.



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