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The next generation of texting

Rich Communication Services (RCS)

SMS hasn’t seen any big changes in the last 20 years, but with Rich Communication Services (RCS), everything you know about messaging is going to change.

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Phone graphic showing everything that's possible with Rich Communication Services

What is RCS?

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is the future of texting. It’s establishing a new messaging standard that brings all the features and benefits you love from services like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to a native messaging experience— and you can do it all from your existing mobile messaging client.

Mobile phone showing RCS messaging demo

Branded Experience
Create a branded experience, using your company logo, colors, and name.

Real Time Feedback
Get in the moment feedback on how customers are engaging with your messages.

  • Read and received receipts
  • When a customer is typing
  • Clicked links

Rich Content
Include images, videos, and links without having to transcode your messages.

Quick Response
Suggest actions to create a quick, easy customer experience. Whether it’s changing seats or upgrading their room, interactions can be a button push away.

App-like Experience

  • Link to apps such as Calendar, Maps, or the Dialer.
  • Embed important meta data such as telephone numbers, location data, and event details, creating a seamless customer experience.

Read receipts, click-through rates, and more

Before the creation of RCS, your measure of SMS success stopped at the delivery receipt level (and even then, you may only get so far as a carrier handoff receipt — not a device receipt). This changes with RCS. Read receipts, click-through rates, and other more traditional marketing measurements will be at your fingertips, ready to give you all the intel you need.

Graphic showing RCS read receipt functionality

Phone showing RCS messaging in action for a hotel check-in

Create and send dynamic, branded experiences

Whether confirming a hotel check-in or sending out promotions for pizza, you can create a branded experience with images, suggested follow-ups, and more that are totally tailored to your customer and their needs — without making them download an app. This powerful combination makes for faster and greater customer responses.

Automatic fall-back to SMS when RCS isn’t yet available

Never worry about compatibility. If the recipient of your message isn’t using an RCS-capable device or carrier network, the message will automatically revert to an SMS format that their phone can receive, ensuring your delivery rates aren’t impacted.

Phones showing how RCS messaging can fall-back to standard SMS

Are you a brand interested in exploring RCS?

Talk to one of our experts to learn more about our RCS offerings.

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