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Caller ID, Directory Publishing Services & More

When you partner with Bandwidth for your outbound calling needs, you tap into a nationwide footprint covering over 11,000 rate centers with tens of millions of phone numbers in service. But why stop at just phone numbers?

Bandwidth’s Line Features help you quickly and easily deliver all the benefits of inbound and outbound caller ID—plus directory publishing—to your customers. In addition, we offer online tools that let you (or your customers) manage nationwide caller name storage with a few clicks of a button. We’re putting the power of voice back in your hands.

Caller ID Services

Bandwidth Caller ID Services are available for both inbound and outbound calls. With Caller Name Services, you can:

  • Deliver accurate caller ID data for a superior customer experience.
  • Reduce capital cost by leveraging Bandwidth’s high quality and reliable SS7 signaling.
  • Streamline operational workflows and reduce expenses by using Bandwidth’s APIs directly in your own interface.

Inbound Caller ID (CNAM)

Bandwidth’s Inbound Caller ID Service (also referred to as CNAM) supports links to over 900 operators that provide more than 400 million calling records— giving you confidence that you’re delivering that highest quality calling name services in the industry. This service gives you full command and access to calling party names from wireless, wireline, and IP-based operators who provide their subscribers with caller name identification services.

Once enabled, the Bandwidth CNAM service automatically queries for caller names from service providers who support caller name for their subscribers. The CNAM service ensures caller name accuracy by supporting near-real-time updates from North American Line Information Databases (LIDBs) being fed by over 1,000 landline, wireless, cable, and VoIP service providers.

Outbound Caller ID (LIDB)

Bandwidth’s Outbound Caller ID Service (also referred to as LIDB services) provides extensive coverage to ensure your customers’ satisfaction by delivering calling name data to more regions more often. To simplify data storage and maintenance, Bandwidth provides both a dashboard web interface and APIs that enable you to make changes to individual records in real time 24 hours a day. We take the burden of data management off your hands with flexible administration options that allow you to manage data the way you want.

Directory Listings & Assistance Publishing Services

Bandwidth Directory Listing & Assistance Publishing Services provide seamless data management by communicating and distributing listing data straight to directory assistance providers and publishers {ie. phone books). We also have the ability to add new listings and maintain existing listings when customers need to port their existing service.

Bandwidth’s unique Directory Publishing service model solves the industry gap by offering data validation, data fallout management, data mapping, and a direct delivery channel to publishers. This end-to-end workflow model produces fewer errors, less fallout, and higher throughput, resulting in an overall reduction in operational overhead. Key benefits include:

Data Validation

We manage all data discrepancies from every directory vendor so you don’t have to.

Data Fallout Management

We carefully review directory listing content to ensure the data meets the requirements of every directory vendor, by state and by database type.

Data Mapping Services

We work hand-in-hand with directory vendors to match telephone numbers, and addresses as applicable, to their local phone books.

Direct Data Delivery

Our direct data feed to today’s most popular directory assistance providers gets your data listed quickly and accurately. We load our listings to the, Whitepages, DexPages, and ShowMeLocal.

Did you know?

  • Listings can be published in directories beyond their local rate centers.
  • Listings can be published in multiple directories within their given state.
  • Customers can have multiple white page listings for each business phone number and location.
  • Customers can have multiple yellow page headers when they have multiple listings.
Caller Name and Directory Publishing Services Deliver More Value to Your Customers

Partner with us

Your customers’ needs are important to you (as they should be). They’re important to us, too. At Bandwidth, we’re always looking for new ways to help you provide better value and a better experience for your customers. Talk to a Bandwidth expert today to learn about bringing enterprise-grade voice, 911, and messaging capabilities to more aspects of your customers’ lives.