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911 Access

Bandwidth manages 911 services for leading national VoIP provider

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iTalkBB relies on Bandwidth’s nationwide network, rapid provisioning and address validation for 262,000 numbers nationwide

Bandwidth, one of the nation’s leading communications companies, announced last month that iTalkBB, the leading VoIP provider to North America’s Asian community, has chosen Bandwidth to provision and manage its 911 emergency services capabilities.

iTalk chose Bandwidth over its major incumbent carrier due to its ability to rapidly provision and validate hundreds of thousands of numbers for 911 routing, efficiently, and cost-effectively. With the help of Bandwidth’s partnership, iTalkBB was able to provision and integrate 911 capabilities to more than 262,000 numbers in a matter of days.

The Bandwidth API portal makes the number provisioning and validation process easy and accurate. Due to Bandwidth’s portal, iTalk’s engineers can identify invalid addresses in real-time, providing a more efficient emergency service at a fraction of the cost.

As the partnership developed, the Bandwidth team was also able to evaluate iTalk’s existing numbering uses, helping them reevaluate the numbers it currently serviced for efficiency and further cost savings. Bandwidth is also moving to handle iTalk’s call termination process, helping the company manage the entirety of its emergency services process and removing the complexity from traditional 911 call handling.

For more information on Bandwidth’s 911 emergency services, visit our 911 Access page.