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How I lunch


April 30, 2015


July 9, 2021

Dodge ball lineup. Man sliding in.

I. Love. Lunchtime. Not only because I can finally go eat my lunch (which I’ve been craving since 10AM) but also because I get to break up my workday and go work out for an hour. One amazing perk offered here at Bandwidth (if you chose to partake) is that you’re eligible for a 90 minute lunch break when you choose to exercise. Boom! How cool is that?

For an active, competitive person like me, this is the most amazing work benefit I can imagine. I started here as an intern three years ago, and when I first heard about this benefit, I didn’t think people actually took advantage of it. I mean, how could they? I envisioned my “real-world” job after college to be me sitting in front of a monitor for 8+ hours a day. Day after day, after day…

Turns out, I was wrong. Really wrong. Bandwidth encourages physical activity for all employees at all fitness levels.. In fact, the 90-minute workout lunch has become so ingrained in the culture that new team members are often shocked when it seems like “no one’s around” at chow time. And it’s no joke. Unless the business is on fire, don’t try to schedule a meeting with our CEO, David Morken, between 11:30AM-1PM. That’s because lunch is his time to refresh his brain and get in his 90 minute workout.


Our CEO doesn’t just talk the talk, but he has cultivated a company culture where the entire company walks the walk. Some examples include:

  •  Monthly company-wide fitness challenges
  • Reimbursement for up to three races per year
  • Discounted Fitbits
  • Company-sponsored sports leagues (that our folks often win!)
  • Daily pick-up basketball, ultimate frisbee, and soccer games
  • Free fitness swag
  • Free gym memberships
  • And more!

 With shuttles running to/from the gym every day, Bandwidth makes it so easy for employees to be active during lunch. Not a gym person? No worries, we have Yoga and Zumba classes that take place at the office and a beautiful 10-mile Greenway right behind our office building. We even have a personal trainer and nutritionist who come to office to have 1:1 conversations with employees. This is all at zero cost to us.

It’s pretty amazing to work at a company that is so genuine at helping people in both their work and personal lives–and doesn’t just go through the motions. Every single employee has had a hand in fostering this amazing culture where we are not only fulfilled at work, but we’re also achieving personal wellness.


 Before working at Bandwidth, I never thought about running any races. To date, I’ve run a half-marathon, two 200-mile relays, two Warrior Dashes, and have a goal to complete a Triathlon by the end of the year. First, I’ll need to get a bike and a wetsuit (psh, details)…but  I’m confident I’ll tackle this new challenge with ease because that’s the Bandwidth way. And for me, there is no other way.

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